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Data first monitoring agent using (e)BPF, built on RedBPF
OpenSteer is a C++ library to help build steering behaviors for autonomous characters in games and animation.
Sematext Agent Docker
Sematext Docker Agent - host + container metrics, logs & event collector
monitor macOS for malicious activity
Pinpoint C Agent
It is an agent written by C++, PHP, python languages. And we hope to support other languages by this agent. Until now, it supports [PHP],[C/C++] and [PYTHON].
A port rewritting utility to modify the source or destination port for packets on Windows.
Http2 Wrapper
Use HTTP2 the same way like HTTP1
Simple rl
A simple framework for experimenting with Reinforcement Learning in Python.
Sophisticated monitoring agent for Java
Youtube Agent.bundle
Plex Metadata Agent for Movies and TV Series libraries
Smart Python Agent Development Environment
Golang Proxy
Golang version of proxy mining tool with evaluation system
Docker Agent
Base Docker image for Jenkins Agents
Kubernetes Plugin
Jenkins plugin to run dynamic agents in a Kubernetes/Docker environment
Android Mdm Agent
Flyve MDM Agent for Android
Gym Fx
Forex trading simulator environment for OpenAI Gym, observations contain the order status, performance and timeseries loaded from a CSV file containing rates and indicators. Work In Progress
APM, (Application Performance Management) tool for large-scale distributed systems.
Inspectit Ocelot
inspectIT Ocelot - Java agent for collecting application performance, tracing and behavior data
Logdna Agent
LogDNA Agent streams from log files to your LogDNA account. Works with Linux, Windows, and macOS Servers
Manage your macOS startup items.
Go Agent
Sqreen's Application Security Management for the Go language
Ssh Agent
Docker container for SSH agent forwarding on OSX/Linux
Jason is a fully-fledged interpreter for an extended version of AgentSpeak, a BDI agent-oriented logic programming language.
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Doom Net Pytorch
Reinforcement learning models in ViZDoom environment
Jvm Profiler
JVM Profiler Sending Metrics to Kafka, Console Output or Custom Reporter
outis is a custom Remote Administration Tool (RAT) or something like that. It was build to support various transport methods (like DNS) and platforms (like Powershell).
This is a Platform that collects all the data accuring in your Application and shows the data in real time by using Kibana or other tools.
SARL Agent-Oriented Programming Language
OCS Inventory NG Agent for Windows
Service Objects for Crystal (Agents, Artists, Supervisors, Pools, ...)
以Kafka为存储介质,提供异步Http RPC的中间件
Dd Agent
Datadog Agent Version 5
C++ Agent toolkit - Pre-built binaries, visit:
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Generic Mac OS X menu bar app (agent) template
This is the OCS unified agent for Unix operating systems
Newrelic Ruby Agent
New Relic RPM Ruby Agent
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Gym Minigrid
Minimalistic gridworld package for OpenAI Gym
Stackimpact Nodejs
DEPRECATED StackImpact Node.js Profiler - Production-Grade Performance Profiler: CPU, memory allocations, async calls, errors, metrics, and more
The Kamon Instrumentation Agent
Fanuc Mtconnect Agent
MTConnect Agent for Fanuc CNC Equipment using Focas over Ethernet
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Coaty Js
Collaborative IoT framework in JavaScript/TypeScript for Node.js and browsers.
Rf helicopter
Q-Learning and DQN Reinforcement Learning to play the Helicopter Game - Keras based!
Azure Vm Agents Plugin
This repo is for azure vm agents plugin for jenkins. Azure devops CICD is the team which owns it for now
Codefresh runtime-environment agent
A windows based Snipeit Agent that will add system details to the Snipe-it asset Database
Javascript components group that brings easiest and fastest way to build a web application in your way.
Java Debug Tool
Java dynamic debug tool
Stackimpact Java
StackImpact Java Profiler - Production-Grade Performance Profiler: CPU, locks, runtime metrics, and more
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