Top 300 homeassistant open source projects

Wukong Robot
🤖 wukong-robot 是一个简单、灵活、优雅的中文语音对话机器人/智能音箱项目,还可能是首个支持脑机交互的开源智能音箱项目。
Esp Mqtt Rgb Led
MQTT RGB LEDs Using JSON for Home Assistant
Meross Homeassistant
Custom component that leverages the Meross IoT library to integrate with Homeassistant
Ems Esp
ESP8266 firmware to read and control EMS and Heatronic compatible equipment such as boilers, thermostats, solar modules, and heat pumps
Pyscript adds rich Python scripting to HASS
Addon Node Red
Node-RED - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Addon Vscode
Visual Studio Code - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Paradox Magellan, Spectra and EVO, with MQTT, Signal, Pushbullet, Pushover and others
Ha Wyzeapi
Home Assistant Integration for Wyze Bulbs, Switches, Sensors and Lock
Home Assistant Diy
Home Assistant智能家居实践篇
Highly Available Home Assistant - a solution for running a redundant installation of Home Assistant
Ha Epaper Display
E-Paper display for viewing sensor data from Home Assistant.
Custom updater
[DEPRECATED]📦 A component which allows you to track and update custom cards/components and python_scripts
Ha Smartthinq Sensors
Home Assistant custom integration for SmartThinQ LG devices configurable with Lovelace User Interface.
Hass Aarlo
Asynchronous Arlo Component for Home Assistant
Lutron Caseta Pro
Custom Home Assistant Component for Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO / RA2 Select
Home Assistant Mail And Packages
Home Assistant integration providing day of package counts and USPS informed delivery images.
Desktop app for Home Assistant based on Electron
Dasshio add-on to easily use Amazon Dash Buttons with Home Assistant
Addon Adguard Home
AdGuard Home - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Simple Weather Card
Minimalistic weather card for Home Assistant
Addon Tasmoadmin
TasmoAdmin - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Addon Motioneye
motionEye - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Homeassistant Volkswagencarnet
Volkswagen Carnet Component for home assistant
Caule Themes Pack 1
10 modern colors | 4 categories of styles (Black Glass, Black, Dark, Light) | 40 themes in total | Animated icons for the weather forecast card | And a bonus automatic theme selector for your interface.
My Ha Setup
My Home Assistant setup
Addon Ssh
SSH & Web Terminal - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Home Assistant Android
UNOFFICIAL Android app/frontend for Home Assistant (
Appdaemon Scripts
Scripts running in Appdaemon for Homeassistant Automations
Ha philips android tv
Home Assistant custom component for the newer (2016+) Philips Android TVs
Addon Grafana
Grafana - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Addon Grocy
Grocy - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Addon Homebridge
 Homebridge - Community Add-on for Home Assistant
Lovelace Themes
Homebrew themes for homeassistant lovelace ui
Hugo Esp8266
Hugo is a 4-button ESP8266 Wi-Fi Remote, Arduino compatible and simple to use.
Monitor docker
Monitor Docker containers from Home Assistant
Hass Bha Icons
Additional icons for Home Assistant to accompany the MDI icons
Addon Wireguard
WireGuard - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Home Assistant interface for Garmin's Connect IQ Platform
Streamdeck Homeassistant
🏠 Use the Elgato Stream Deck as Home Assistant controller. Call any available service and toggle lights or resume your music.
Platform and related climate/sensors to support the Drayton Wiser Home Heating System
Audi connect ha
Adds an audi connect integration to home assistant
Lovelace Time Picker Card
🕰️ Time Picker Card for Home Assistant's Lovelace UI
Addon Ide
IDE - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Addon Spotify Connect
Spotify Connect - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Addon Adb
Android Debug Bridge - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Tasmota Irhvac
Home Assistant platform for controlling IR Air Conditioners via Tasmota IRHVAC command and compatible harware
Addon Zwave2mqtt
Z-Wave to MQTT - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Esphome Config
My ESPHome configuration files for my ESP8266 / ESP32 plugs and boards for use with Home Assistant.
Home Assistant Z Wave Graph
Graph your Z-Wave mesh automatically from within Home Assistant.
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