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Snap N Eat
Food detection and recommendation with deep learning
Web-based software to manage a non-profit food coop (product catalog, ordering, accounting, job scheduling).
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Openfoodfacts Ios
Native (Swift) version of Open Food Facts for iOS. Coders & Decoders welcome 🤳🥫 😊
Grocy Docker
ERP beyond your fridge - now containerized - this is the docker repo of
Swiggy Analytics
Analyse your swiggy orders 🍔
Food Ordering System
Food or Item Order Management System
Get a consensus recipe for your next meal. 🍪 🍰
Gourmet map
Grocy Desktop
A (Windows) desktop application wrapper for
Design OO food delivery app with C# & Design Patterns
Pwa Barcode Scanner
Information about food from the barcode, on your phone 🛒
Cagette, le logiciel libre des circuits courts
Daily Dozen Ios
Keep track of the foods that Dr. Greger recommends in his NYT's best-selling book, How Not to Die with this iOS app
Food 101 Mobile
Deep Learning Food Classifier for iOS using Keras and Tensorflow
Addon Grocy
Grocy - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
📱 🏃 🍎 Fitness application that’s used to keep track of your physical fitness data, daily calorie count, invite friends to work out together and ultimately get healthy.
Taco Api
🍉 Brazilian Table of Food Composition (TACO) - JSON API
Sustainable Green Plants
DIY high pressure aeroponics for the home
Food lab
A Food App using Flutter & Firebase to post and view food blogs along with their recipes.
🍔 Crunchbutton + Cockpit website
[In Development] A food delivery app for iOS that brings delicious food from your favourite local restaurant right to your door. Credit card payment with Stripe.
Openfoodfacts Apirestpython
Python API for Open Food Facts (using a DB dump)
Shazam for food.
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Leshare Shop Wepy
Food Nutrients
🍴 Food Nutrients
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Connect suppliers, distributors and consumers to trade local produce. We're recruiting paid contributors, link below.
Openfoodfacts Androidapp
Native version of Open Food Facts on Android - Coders & Decoders welcome 🤳🥫
Is Vegan
Is-Vegan helps you to find out which food ingredients are vegan / non-vegan
Pantry For Good
An open source food bank logistics and inventory management tool
Open data project for small-scale food growers
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Openfoodfacts Server
Open Food Facts database and web interface - 🐪🦋 Perl, CSS and JS coders welcome 😊 For helping in Python, see Robotoff
ERP beyond your fridge - grocy is a web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home
Karrot Frontend
Web application for organization of foodsaving groups worldwide - frontend code and central location for feature planning. For server-side code, go to
Reloaded version of FoodCraft.Original repository:
🍛🍴 This app allows a user to select a recipe and see video-guided steps for how to complete it, showcasing MVVM, Retrofit, ExoPlayer with lifecycle components, Master/Detail Flow, Widgets.
This is my take on a (easy) ramen soup with chasu. Please contribute and give feedback.
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Go Wrapper for Open Food Facts
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Hotpotato is a space for chefs to display their creations. Follow your favorite chef. Like your favorite recipes. And find the latest gluten-free, vegetarian, and multi-culinary recipes.
Nutrition is the main source of life and although it has been our secondary instinct to check for nutritional value in the food we eat, the effect any diet has on our body and health is consequential. From the fact which connotes the value of nutrition in our diet, springs the idea of nutri.gram. nutri.gram is a mobile application that scans the…
Improve urban food distribution by connecting community gardeners with pickers 🍆
product crawler
The Open Source Search Engine for Product Components
A website (webapp) to get food recipes by recipes names & ingredients.
I like food ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Electronic Cookbook
Python API for Open Food Facts (using a DB dump)
Online Food Ordering System Website using basic PHP, SQL, HTML & CSS. You can use any one of XAMPP, WAMP or LAMP server to run the Web App
A curated list of awesome Kacchi Biryani available throughout the world.
A library to calculate nutrition facts, smartly. No third party services or remote DBs involved.
API of The Report Of The Week Reviews
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