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Artist-friendly Modular Machine for Art and Technology
TinyGo drivers for sensors and other devices that use I2C, SPI, GPIO, ADC, and UART interfaces.
Inertial Sensor Development Kit,STM32F411C、NRF52810、MPU9250、LPS22HB
Asus Wmi Sensors
Linux HWMON (lmsensors) sensors driver for various ASUS Ryzen and Threadripper motherboards
A versatile and extensible platform for home and life automation with hundreds of supported integrations
Wirehome.Core is a home automation system written in C# targeting .NET Core. It runs on Linux, Windows and macOS.
Android library monitoring device hardware sensors with RxJava
Trail Sense
An Android app that uses your phone's sensors to assist with wilderness treks or survival situations.
飛控板 FlightController,使用 STM32F405RG / STM32F411CE
System sensors
Logging of system sensor specific for the RPI and sending them to a MQTT broker
Android app for collecting OpenStreetCam imagery
Generic Sensor API
✭ 118
GLXOSD is an extensible on-screen display (OSD)/overlay for OpenGL applications running on Linux with X11 which aims to provide similar functionality to MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner OSD. It can show FPS, frame timings, temperatures and more in OpenGL games and applications. It can also be used to benchmark games, much like voglperf.
Ketai sensor library for Processing (Android mode)
Uwb Node
Local Positioning System Development Kit, use STM32F411C + MPU9250 + LPS22HB + DWM1000
📱 🏃 🍎 Fitness application that’s used to keep track of your physical fitness data, daily calorie count, invite friends to work out together and ultimately get healthy.
Live Tools
Live-Tools is a library project which aims to convert some Android features to LiveData
Audi connect ha
Adds an audi connect integration to home assistant
Metawear Sampleapp Android
Sample Android app showcasing the sensors available on the MetaMotion / MetaWear boards
遙控板 RemoteControl,使用 STM32F407VG / STM32F411CE
Python package for sensor placement optimization
Ntc thermistor
[For Arduino and STM32] Library for working with a NTC thermistor.
Osx Cpu Temp
Outputs current CPU temperature for OSX
A Xamarin Framework for Backgrounding & Device Hardware Services (iOS, Android, UWP, Tizen, tvOS, watchOS, & more coming soon)
Onboard Sdk
DJI Onboard SDK Official Repository
An open-source tool for controlling IPMI-enabled systems
farmOS: A web-based farm record keeping application.
Diy particle detector
A mobile low-cost spectrometer for measuring radioactivity and the energy of ionising radiation like alpha particles and electrons
PHONK is a self-contained creative scripting toolbox for new and old Android Devices
Rusty Clock
An alarm clock with environment stats in pure bare metal embedded rust
Rtl 433
Program to decode radio transmissions from devices on the ISM bands (and other frequencies)
System for measuring and displaying various values in caravans and motor homes, including climate values, filling levels and levelling data. MagicMirror ( is used for presentation. A circuit board design is available now
Various pieces of code that control my home-made solar energy collection system.
astuff sensor msgs
A set of messages specific to each sensor supported by AutonomouStuff.
A system that uses ESP-NOW, LoRa, and other protocols to transport sensor data in remote areas without relying on WiFi.
Ambient Light API
Lightweight onewire protocol library optimized for UART hardware on embedded systems
Bio Balance Detector's products aim to show the weak electromagnetic fields around every living being (including plants, animals and humans) and display it in a heat-map like hyper-spectral image.
ESPHome configuration for M5Stack's PM2.5 Air Quality Kit with the PMSA003 particulate matter sensor and the SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor
Arduino Library for analog pH meter.
Build a HomeKit-compatible Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor
W A R N I N G: This is a previous proof of concept of CanAirIO device firmware over a TTGO T-Display board, but now it is only a old reference. The last stable version of CanAirIO device already have support for this board and many features more. Please use the official CanAirIO Firmware instead of this firmware.…
A macOS application displaying the thermal, voltage and current sensor values.
Interaction studies with a homemade Touché (swept-frequency capacitive) sensor
MLX90632 library for the Melexis 90632 Infra Red temperature sensor.
MercedesME platform as a Custom Component for Home Assistant.
iOS app for collecting data from internal motion sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer) of iPhone and Apple Watch.
ESPHome configuration for a DIY indoor air quality monitor for CO₂ concentration, PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations, and temperature, humidity and pressure
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