Top 572 home-assistant open source projects

Hass Deepstack Object
Home Assistant custom component for using Deepstack object detection
Xiaomi miot raw
Universal Xiaomi MIoT integration for Home Assistant
Home Assistant Cli
💻 Command-line tool for Home Assistant
🔎 Python library to scan local network for services and devices.
Mqtt Io
Expose GPIO modules (Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, PCF8754, PiFace2 etc.) and digital sensors (LM75 etc.) to an MQTT server for remote control and monitoring.
Xiaomi airpurifier
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier and Xiaomi Mi Air Humidifier integration for Home Assistant
Smart Home
⭐ (Almost) everything needed to run my smart home with Home Assistant and more!
Pyscript adds rich Python scripting to HASS
Locative Ios
[NOT MAINTAINED] The Locative iOS app. Helping you to get the best out of your automated home, geofencing, iBeacons at your hand.
Hass Custom Alarm
Yet another take on a home assistant custom alarm
Addon Node Red
Node-RED - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
An Arduino/esp8266/esp32 library to directly interface with DSC security systems.
Addon Vscode
Visual Studio Code - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Hass Workstation Service
Provide useful sensors and services from your workstation to Home Assistant.
Arilux al Lc0x
Alternative firmware for Arilux AL-LC0X LED controllers, based on the MQTT protocol and a TLS connection
Battery State Card
Battery state card for Home Assistant
Ha Wyzeapi
Home Assistant Integration for Wyze Bulbs, Switches, Sensors and Lock
MQTT gateway for ESP8266, ESP32, Sonoff RF Bridge or Arduino with bidirectional 433mhz/315mhz/868mhz, Infrared communications, BLE, Bluetooth, beacons detection, mi flora, mi jia, LYWSD02, LYWSD03MMC, Mi Scale, TPMS, BBQ thermometer compatibility, SMS & LORA.
Hass Smartthinq
Home Assistant component for LG SmartThinQ HVAC devices
Home Assistant Config Fr
🏠Configuration de Home Assistant en français. 👨🏻‍💻 N'hésitez pas à ⭐ mon repo et à copier les bonnes idées ! 🇨🇵
Highly Available Home Assistant - a solution for running a redundant installation of Home Assistant
Home Assistant Community Themes
All community themes in one repository
Custom updater
[DEPRECATED]📦 A component which allows you to track and update custom cards/components and python_scripts
Ha Dockermon
A NodeJS RESTful API which can be used with Home Assistant to report the state of Docker Containers
Motion Ai
AI assisted motion detection for Home Assistant
Itunes Api
🎵 A simple server providing a RESTful service for controlling iTunes
Ha client
It was the first Home Assistant fully native Android client from the times when there was no any official alternatives
Rgb Light Card
💡 A Lovelace custom card for RGB lights
斐讯M1空气检测仪个人固件公开项目. 此项目为公开release+讨论
a Home-Automation-friendly ESP8266-based MQTT Garage Door Controller
Entity Controller
Entity and lighting controller for managing devices via timers, scripts, and sun-based time restrictions.
Home Assistant Mail And Packages
Home Assistant integration providing day of package counts and USPS informed delivery images.
📱 A web-based, wall-mountable command center for Home Assistant.
Temper Esp8266
Temper is a compact temperature sensor based on ESP8266 and SHT30 with large 13x7 pixel led display.
Wiz light
A WiZ Light integration for Home Assistant
Adaptive Lighting
Adaptive Lighting custom component for Home Assistant
Smarthome Homeassistant Config
🏠 My Home Assistant configuration. This repo will be archived 🗄️ in the future
Smart Home
Phodal's Smart Home Setup Guide:HomeBridge + Home Assistant + Amazon Echo
Addon Adguard Home
AdGuard Home - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Apexcharts Card
📈 A Lovelace card to display advanced graphs and charts based on ApexChartsJS for Home Assistant
433MHz temperature and humidity sensor receiver that integrates with home automation systems.
Lovelace Xiaomi Vacuum Card
Simple card for various robot vacuums in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI
Python Miio
Python library & console tool for controlling Xiaomi smart appliances
Simple Weather Card
Minimalistic weather card for Home Assistant
System sensors
Logging of system sensor specific for the RPI and sending them to a MQTT broker
⭐️ ALIVE Again! ⭐️ SmartHome - Nothing but smarthome stuff here! Have fun browsing through my home automation setup... ping me on Discord with any questions! 👍
Addon Tasmoadmin
TasmoAdmin - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
HACS gives you a powerful UI to handle downloads of all your custom needs.
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