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Node Wifi
📶 NodeJS tool to manage wifi (connections, scans)
Mininet Wifi
Emulator for Software-Defined Wireless Networks
Xps15 9560 Bigsur
XPS15-9560-Catalina, Q群:161385229
✭ 247
Drcom Gdut Hc5661a Openwrt
在Dr.COM下使用路由器上校园网WIFI(以广东工业大学、极路由1S HC5661A、OpenWrt为例)
Raspberry Pi WiFi setup
💼 Change your MAC address for debugging
Hack Captive Portals
Hack any Captive portal using MAC-spoofing technique
A suite of WiFi/Bluetooth offensive and defensive tools for the ESP32
Raspberry Pi (arm) wifi configuration container. Configure and control wifi connectivity with a JSON based REST api.
Android library listening network connection state and Internet connectivity with RxJava Observables
A tool made for specially scanning nearby devices[BLE, Bluetooth & Wifi] and execute our given command on our system when the target device comes in-between range.
Wifi keylogger
DIY Arduino Wi-Fi Keylogger (Proof of Concept)
Django Netjsonconfig
Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app
Marquee Scroller
Marquee Scroller Clock News Weather and More
WIFI / LAN intruder detector. Check the devices connected and alert you with unknown devices. It also warns of the disconnection of "always connected" devices
Esp32 Obd2 Emulator
Open-source OBD-II emulator based on an ESP32 + CAN transceiver IC, controllable via WiFi through a simple web UI (or via API)
Openwisp Radius
Administration web interface and REST API for freeradius 3 build in django & python. Supports captive portal authentication, WPA Enerprise (802.1x), freeradius rlm_rest, social login, Hotspot 2.0 / 802.11u, importing users from CSV, registration of new users and more.
Prototype Cjdns Pi
Prototype system for mesh networks on single board computers
Sniff Probes
Plug-and-play bash script for sniffing 802.11 probes requests 👃
Wifidog Ng
Next generation WifiDog implemented in Lua.
Internet independent, decentralised ad-hoc wireless communication application (ONLY A MIRROR FOR )
Arduino library for Art-Net (artnet) over WiFi, send and receive DMX data. Runs on ESP8266, ESP32, WiFi101 and WiFiNINA devices.
✭ 195
Bootstrap Wifi support over Wifi
Alfred Network Workflow
Show and change your network settings
Android library listening available WiFi Access Points and related information with RxJava Observables
WIFI Client Detection - Identify people by assigning a name to a device performing a wireless probe request.
Package wifi provides access to IEEE 802.11 WiFi device actions and statistics. MIT Licensed.
NetJSON is a data interchange format for encoding the basic building blocks of networks.
Rpi Security
A security system written in python to run on a Raspberry Pi with motion detection and mobile notifications
Esp32 Serial Bridge
Wifi to 3x Serial bridge based on a ESP32
📱📲 A wrapper for the MultipeerConnectivity framework for automatic offline data transmission between devices
Wifi and MQTT handling for ESP8266 and ESP32
Esp8266 wifi captive portal
🔑 WiFi captive portal for ESP8266 for phishing WiFi passwords
A source code implementation of Wechat(微信) Airkiss protocol
✭ 163
💤 Kick devices off your network by performing an ARP Spoof attack.
A GUI, easy to use WiFi network jammer for Mac OS X
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Openwrt widora
Based OpenWrt cc15.05,for widora BIT3 3.1 4 5 5.1 and NEO
Get password of the wifi you're connected, and your current ip address.
Wifi Password
Quickly fetch your WiFi password and if needed, generate a QR code of your WiFi to allow phones to easily connect
Esc pos printer
ESC/POS (thermal, receipt) printing for Flutter & Dart
Wifi Bonding
Double your bandwith on your Qualcomm devices.
✭ 145
Raw Packet
Raw-packet Project
Plugin Flutter which can handle WiFi connections (AP, STA)
Esp32 Projects
ESP32 好玩、有趣、实用的项目
Dasshio add-on to easily use Amazon Dash Buttons with Home Assistant
📡🔍Searches for wifi-pineapple traces and calculate wireless network security score 🍍
Unofficial GoPro WiFi API Documentation - HTTP GET requests for commands, status, livestreaming and media query.
스타벅스 Wifi 자동접속 맥 애플리케이션
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Esp wifimanager
This is an ESP32 / ESP8266 WiFi Connection Manager with fallback web configuration portal. Use this library for configuring ESP32, ESP8266 modules' WiFi, etc. Credentials at runtime. You can also specify static DNS servers, personalized HostName, fixed or random AP WiFi channel. With examples supporting ArduinoJson 6.0.0+ as well as 5.13.5- .
合宙LuatOS -- Lua base RTOS, build for many embedded systems. LuatOS是运行在嵌入式硬件的实时操作系统
✭ 124
Linux Driver for USB WiFi Adapters that are based on the RTL8812BU and RTL8822BU Chipsets
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