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Memory Hole
Memory Hole is a support issue organizer application
Wreeto official
Wreeto is an open source note-taking, knowledge management and wiki system.
A free, open-source, and completely encrypted notes app.
Fusliez Notes
A companion notes app for Among Us social deduction game. Lets you track of your thoughts and your winning record, and includes a notepad and maps.
Notes And Blog
Meemo - Your personal notes
Leanote Ios Rn
Leanote iOS App based on React Native
Research Paper Notes
Notes and Summaries on ML-related Research Papers (with optional implementations)
Project-brainstorm is a multi-purpose note-taking application which excells at free writing, prototyping, task lists and cheat sheets
Book Notes
Notes from books and other interesting things that I've read. Table of contents at the end 👇
Mytetra dev
MyTetra - smart crossplatform manager for information collecting / MyTetra - кроссплатформенный менеджер накопления информации / Официальная страница:
Flutter Notes App
A notes taking app written in Flutter
📝 Make Sublime Text your favorite note taking/journal application
Helping junior developers navigate the complex world of software engineering without experiencing information overload.
工作经验和学习笔记,此repo已遵守Apache-2.0开源协议,转载请提交issue并注明出处!工作性质使得内容有部分转载内容,侵删。Notes for something,including of exp in working and some notes for learning.This repository has already observe the Apache License 2.0. PLEASE SUBMIT ISSUE FOR AUTHOR'S AUTHORIZTION AND INCIDATE THE SOURCE IF YOU WANT TO REPRINT!
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Сross-platform software for keeping your notes in a tree
My Notes
📝 Just a repo with my study notes. A simple notebook
🖋 (issues blog) 欢迎订阅(watch👀) 收藏(star)
Live Video Study Notes
📺 整理前端视频直播相关技术的笔记,适合想入门前端流媒体技术的人阅读
Code Notes
Tool to summarise all code annotation like TODO or FIXME
An offline-first, secure, private notepad. 📔 ✏️
knowledge repository managed with org-mode and org-roam.
Piano Rs
A multiplayer piano using UDP sockets that can be played using computer keyboard, in the terminal
Notable - a simple note taking application
Vscode Journal
Lightweight journal and simple notes support for Visual Studio Code
Web Client
Cryptee's web client source code for all platforms.
An Application built for students to access Notes , Question Papers , Syllabus and Resources for all Subjects of O.U (Osmania University) 📘👨‍🎓
Programming Notes
Notes of learning Programming
Cehv10 Notes
📕 Both personal and public notes for EC-Council's CEHv10 312-50, because its thousands of pages/slides of boredom, and a braindump to many
Bring your Desktop Back to Life
Another 85+ Ideas for Computing
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Micropad Core
µPad (MicroPad) is an open digital note taking app
Notas De Aula
Reunião de anotações sobre conteúdos aprendidos por mim.
My Notes
Simple and fast note-taking in Chrome with Google Drive support.
Orgzly Android
Outliner for taking notes and managing to-do lists
A full Evernote / OneNote style WYSIWYG note editor for Nextcloud / ownCloud. Join our telegram at:
Lightweight note taking client for Simplenote or Standard Notes (or simply local storage)
A distributed note taker and task manager.
Python For Beginners
I created this repo to save all my python related language notes
Simple VS Code extension for plain text note taking.
HedgeDoc - The best platform to write and share markdown.
Android Classic
Android app - (Deprecated) - New version:
An interactive board with plugins focusing on replacing the need of multiple platforms for teaching, presenting, managing or explaining your ideas 🌎
✏️ Learn faster. Study better.
Stupidly-simple notes app.
Cheat Sheets
🌟 All the cheat-sheets mentioned on my blog in pdf format
Standardnotes Fs
Mount your Standard Notes as a filesystem.
Ds Ai Tech Notes
📖 [译] 数据科学和人工智能技术笔记
Local and Anki-compatible note-taking tool based on TiddlyWiki
Pdfpc Latex Notes
Latex Package that allows creating a pdfpc compatible notes file directly from your latex presentation \notes.
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