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Go Web Examples Generator
Code snippets for various programming languages and libraries
A free, open-source, and completely encrypted notes app.
Vim Vsnip
Snippet plugin for vim/nvim that supports LSP/VSCode's snippet format.
Wenyan Lang Vscode
文言 Wenyan Lang for VS Code
30 Seconds Of Kotlin
Kotlin snippets that you can understand quickly, using only stdlib functionality.
Create File From Templates for SublimeText 2 / SublimeText 3
30 Seconds Of Angular
[WIP] Curated collection of Angular snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less
The dark powered snippet plugin for neovim
Repository for my YouTube tutorials + code snippets
Divi Resources
A curated list of awesome Divi resources
Atom snippets package
Vscode Vlang
V Language extension for Visual Studio Code.
Code Snippets Wp Speed Up
Code Snippets for WordPress and WooCommerce speed up, which can be imported into the plugin.
Rocketseat Vscode React Native Snippets
Rocketseat React Native snippets for Visual Studio Code Editor
An open-source library of algorithms to analyse time series in GPU and CPU.
✂A collection of useful .htaccess snippets.
Doom Snippets
The Doom Emacs snippets library
Pine Utils
Code Snippets + Tricks & Tips to help Pine Script developers
Omi Snippets
🔖Visual Studio Code Syntax Highlighting For Single File React And Omi Components - 编写React和Omi单文件组件的VSC语法高亮插件
Searchable interactive texts to copy & paste text, run scripts, using easily exchangeable bundles
Google Apps Script Snippets
Google Apps Script snippets
Awesome Doctrine
A collection of useful Doctrine snippets.
Comment Snippets
Sublime Text snippets to create fancy PHP, CSS and HTML comments.
Js Live Template
An extensive set of javascript live templates for use with JetBrains IDEs.
✭ 141
Code Snippets
Chrome DevTools code snippets
Rocketseat Vscode Reactjs Snippets
Rocketseat ReactJS snippets for Visual Studio Code Editor
Beginners C Program Examples
Simple, Short and Sweet beginners friendly C language programs
First fully featured programming language for Stack Overflow Driven Development
Coddx Alpha
Coddx - a collection of tools that help developers program efficiently. One of the features is generating multiple files from templates quickly.
The Way
A command line code snippets manager
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Kubectl Sheetcheat
The Definitive Kubectl Sheetcheat. ⭐ Give it a star if you like it. Work (always) in progress !
Search and save shell snippets without leaving your terminal
Foundation/Cocoa/UIKit extension kit. Reference document:
Create beautiful image of your source code.
Custom Calendar View
The CustomCalendarView provides an easy and customizable calendar to create a Calendar. It dispaly the days of a month in a grid layout and allows to navigate between months
Utility for embedding code snippets into markdown documents
Simple PHP search engine that supports Russian and English morphology
Laravel 5 Snippets
Laravel 5 Snippets for Sublime Text
Lh Cpp
C&C++ ftplugins suite for Vim
Regex Snippets
Organized list of useful RegEx snippets
copy and paste across machines
Sketchup Ruby Api Tutorials
SketchUp Ruby API Tutorials and Examples
Sublime Robot Framework Assistant
Robot Framework plugin for Sublime Text3
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