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🍁 The easiest way to create clean, simple but powerful web apps and APIs quickly
”Open棟梁”は、長年の.NETアプリケーション開発実績にて蓄積したノウハウに基づき開発した.NET用アプリケーション フレームワークです。 (”OpenTouryo” , is an application framework for .NET which was developed using the accumulated know-how with a long track record in .NET application development.)
A virtual DOM library built with ClojureScript, inspired by React and Reagent.
Quiz App
A repository reflecting the progress made on the "How to Build iOS Apps with Swift, TDD & Clean Architecture" YouTube series, by Caio & Mike.
Coldbox Platform
A modern, fluent and conventions based HMVC framework for ColdFusion (CFML)
🏆 A full-stack component-based MVC kernel for PHP that helps you write powerful and modern web applications. Write less, have cleaner code and your work will bring you joy.
Acgn Community
A community app for news,animation,music and novels developed material design style.
A lightweight MVC framework for Go(Golang)
Compose native apps without a code using JSON and load them as NSBundle into another app dynamicly from local or remote locations.
An open source ColdFusion framework inspired by Ruby on Rails.
This project born from the need from people to have a way of communication between municipalities and communities. Some municipalities, have their platforms, but they are complex to validate the veracity of complaints. Denounced, it was born with the purpose of offering a free platform to these municipalities. Denounced consists of three main modules developed with Microsoft technologies, using the .Net Framework and Xamarin for its development: 1. Back End Web Project: Module of administration of the complaints, by the employees of the town councils. In this tool, the employees of the city council receive, validate, report and close the complaints, after being served. 2. Web Portal Client: It consists of a web project, so that the community make their complaints, in the same, the users of the service create a profile, must specify when making their complaint, evidence to support this. Through the portal, they can see the complaints of other community members, follow it, give their opinion or provide possible solutions or more evidence. 3. Mobile Project: It has the same functionalities as the web portal, with the addition, that the automatic location can be sent, from the cell phone.
A lightweight MVC framework written in Go (Golang).
Localization.SqlLocalizer & ASP.NET Core MVC Localization Examples
Offers several different ways to organize content in ASP.NET Core MVC and Razor Pages projects.
Android Firebase Kotlin Java Mvp Mvc Mvvm Chat
Simple chat Application with one to one connectivity using Firebase Real time Database written in MVC,MVP and MVVM architecture to better understand the android coding patterns. Purpose of writing same application functionality with 3 different pattern is to show how single application can be developed using 3 different patterns(Mvc, Mvp, Mvvm).
Slim Born
Slim Framework 3 and 4 skeleton application has authentication MVC construction.
Mithril Hx
Haxe externs for Mithril (JS MVC framework)
Business Apps Made Simple with Asp.Net Core MVC / TypeScript
웹 어플리케이션 개발을 위한 JS프레임워크
Diamond is a full-stack web-framework written in The D Programming Language using vibe.d
👦 Lad is the best Node.js framework. Made by a former Express TC and Koa team member.
Modular CMS powered by CakePHP
Mandarine.TS is a typescript, decorator-driven framework that allows you to create server-side applications. Mandarine.TS provides a range of built-in solutions such as Dependency Injection, Components, ORM and more. Under its umbrella, Mandarine.TS has 4 modules: Core, Data, Security and MVC, these modules will offer you the requirements to build a Mandarine-powered application.
🔥 The fastest way to build type safe web apps. IHP is a new batteries-included web framework optimized for longterm productivity and programmer happiness
Keera Hails
Keera Hails: Haskell on Rails - Reactive Programming Framework for Interactive Haskell applications
ASP.NET Core Extension Library
hiboot is a high performance web and cli application framework with dependency injection support
ClojureScript application framework.
Php Msf
PHP微服务框架即Micro Service Framework For PHP
A small, simple PHP MVC framework skeleton that encapsulates a lot of features surrounded with powerful security layers.
A list of fancy questions I've been asked during the interviews I had. Some of them I ask when interviewing people.
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Digitalwand.admin helper
API для сборки кастомных админок в Битриксе
A Deno Framework For Web Artisan - Inspired by Laravel
Biny is a tiny, high-performance PHP framework for web applications
Dry View
Complete, standalone view rendering system that gives you everything you need to write well-factored view code.
Ios Design Patterns
Learning ground for iOS Design Pattern included with sample projects for MVC, MVP, MVVM, and VIPER
An extensible framework to audit executing operations in .NET and .NET Core.
C# based template engine for generating Word documents
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Mutlitenancy for dotnet applications
MVC pattern for flutter. Works as state management, dependency injection and service locator.
Fluent testing library for ASP.NET Core MVC.
Stock Management System
An Introductory Stock Management System built on PHP, jQuery with AJAX in MVC pattern.
Joyful Python Web App development
Just an extremely simple naked PHP application, useful for small projects and quick prototypes. Some might call it a micro framework :)
A Nodejs BFF framework, build with koa2(基于koa2的标准前后端分离框架)
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