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Top 724 google open source projects

How To Prepare For Google Interview Swe Sre
This repository includes resources which are more than sufficient to prepare for google interview if you are applying for a software engineer position or a site reliability engineer position
A native implementation of Google Authenticator for Mac based on Swift
Alfred Searchio
Alfred workflow to auto-suggest search results from multiple search engines and languages.
Play Store Api
Google Play Store protobuf API wrapper in java
Node Google Play
Get details and download apps from by emulating an Android (Nexus 5X) device by default. For a rust version of this library check out
Alfred Web Search Suggest
Alfred search suggest workflow for various popular websites.
Magic google
Google search results crawler, get google search results that you need
How to create a Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant bot with Swift using Vapor on Ubuntu / macOS.
Code for MentorNet: Learning Data-Driven Curriculum for Very Deep Neural Networks
Hackathon Starter Kit
A Node-Typescript/Express Boilerplate with Authentication(Local, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Discord, Slack), Authorization, and CRUD functionality + PWA Support!
Google Alfred3 Workflow
🎉 The missing Alfred 3 Workflow for searching google.
Xray / V2Ray( vmess/vless )、Shadowsocks、Trojan 通用客户端(Windows),可自动维持稳定上网 - 代理服务器异常自动切换,并提供一键部署代理服务端工具,使用 aardio 编写,绿色便携版免安装仅740KB、不需要.Net等外部运行库。
Pow assent
Multi-provider authentication for your Pow enabled app
A comprehensive Google Services SDK for Haskell.
An unofficial client library for Google Music.
Gspread Pandas
A package to easily open an instance of a Google spreadsheet and interact with worksheets through Pandas DataFrames.
⚡️[NOT MAINTAINED] Content Management Framework creates custom CMS fast and easy. Support data sources such as Firebase/Firestore, GraphQL and Restful APIs.
Search Google/Bing/Ecosia/DuckDuckGo/Yandex/Yahoo for a search term with a default set of websites, bug bounty programs or a custom collection.
React Native Header View
Fully customizable Header View with multiple design options for React Native.
Tiny (1kb less) but very powerful React Google Map
Laravel Analytics
A Laravel package to retrieve pageviews and other data from Google Analytics
Search Engine Parser
Lightweight package to query popular search engines and scrape for result titles, links and descriptions
Example Mediapipe Udp
Connecting openFrameworks to Google MediaPipe Machine Learning Framework over UDP
Sitemap Generator Cli
Creates an XML-Sitemap by crawling a given site.
Shrine Materialdesign2
implementation of Material Design 2 Shrine project
OpenThread released by Google is an open-source implementation of the Thread networking protocol
Use the Google Analytics API from R
React Native Google Sign In
React Native Wrapper for Latest Google Sign-In OAuth SDK / API
[In]visible ReCaptcha v2 for iOS
Dc Sdk
DC-SDK 是基于 Cesium 进行二次开发的2、3D一体 WebGis 应用框架,该框架优化了 Cesium 的使用方式和增添了一些额外功能,旨在为开发者快速构建 WebGis 应用。🌎
Bert Chainer
Chainer implementation of "BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding"
Google Foobar
My Google Foo Bar Challenges 🤓 🧮
Google Drive For Mac
A standalone macOS app for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
A Raspberry Pi based smart connected speaker with support for airplay, spotify, mpd and local playback
Elixir package for Oauth authentication via Google Cloud APIs
jSearch(聚搜) 是一款专注内容的chrome搜索扩展,一次搜索聚合多平台内容。
Google Group Crawler
Get (almost) original messages from google group archives. Your data is yours.
科学上网,ss, ssr, v2ray, trojan, clash, clashr,翻墙机场推荐
Powershell module for Google / G Suite API calls wrapped in handy functions. Authentication is established using a service account via P12 key to negate the consent popup and allow for greater handsoff automation capabilities
Google Mobile Web Specialist Certification Guide
If you are looking for becoming a Mobile Web Specialist by Google, this guide will be your best friend in your journey
Php Google Translate Free
PHP class to use the Google Translator API for free.
React Native Dialogflow
A React-Native Bridge for the Google Dialogflow (API.AI) SDK
React Native Google Place Picker
React Native Wrapper of Google Place Picker for iOS + Android.
Android basics nanodegree by google My 10 projects
All of my completed Android Basics Nanodegree by Google projects.
Receive automatic email notifications before your Google Contacts birthday and other events!
Santa Tracker Android
Google Santa Tracker app for Android is an educational and entertaining tradition that brings joy to millions of children (and children at heart) across the world over the December holiday period.
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