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🎵 Create Spotify playlists based on one artist through the command line
Lazy load modules & components in AngularJS
Unsplash Wallpaper
Use an image from as your background image from a simple command.
Node S3 Uploader
Flexible and efficient resize, rename, and upload images to Amazon S3 disk storage. Uses the official AWS Node SDK for transfer, and ImageMagick for image processing. Support for multiple image versions targets.
Cycle through the items of an array
Terminal Image Cli
Display images in the terminal
Stimulus Components
A modern Stimulus library delivering common JavaScript behaviors with a bunch of customizable controllers.
The Hunspell binding for NodeJS that exposes as much of Hunspell as possible and also adds new features. Hunspell is a first class spellcheck library used by Google, Apple, and Mozilla.
Unstated Debug
Debug your Unstated containers with ease
Node Virtualbox
A JavaScript Library for Interacting with VirtualBox
Convert JSON to TypeScript with secure type checking!
React Npm Boilerplate
Boilerplate for creating React Npm packages with ES2015
Ts ci
✅ Continuous integration setup for TypeScript projects via GitHub Actions.
Eslint Plugin Eslint Comments
Additional ESLint rules for directive comments of ESLint.
Lightweight and Lightning-Fast ⚡️ Pinyin Library for JavaScript
Minimal JavaScript type checking library
Abort Controller
An implementation of WHATWG AbortController interface.
{} → 📄 it's easy to convert JSON to CSV
Node Cli Boilerplate
Boilerplate to kickstart creating a Node.js command-line tool
Do Not Disturb Cli
Control the macOS `Do Not Disturb` feature from the command-line
Filter Console
Filter out unwanted `console.log()` output
Aperture Node
Record the screen on macOS from Node.js
The lightweight es6 event library.
Grunt Eslint
Validate files with ESLint
Espn Fantasy Football Api
Connect to ESPN's fantasy football API via this JS API client for web and NodeJS. Available as an npm package.
Run Electron
Run Electron without all the junk terminal output
🌓 Add a dark-mode / night-mode to your website in a few seconds
🎯 A gRPC-Node Distributed Tracing and Monitoring Tool.
Move files and directories to the trash
Blynk Library Js
Blynk library for JS. Works with Browsers, Node.js, Espruino.
Angular Tslint Rules
Shared TSLint & codelyzer rules to enforce a consistent code style for Angular development
Zoom Web SDK
Node Regedit
Read, Write, List and do all sorts of funky stuff to the windows registry using node.js and windows script host
simply generic vector icon collection - including sketch file, svg files, and font files.
Egg Oauth2 Server
🌟 OAuth2 server plugin for egg.js based on node-oauth2-server
Express Prom Bundle
express middleware with standard prometheus metrics in one bundle
Gulp Traceur
Traceur is a to JavaScript-of-today compiler
File Icon Vectors
A collection of file type icons in SVG format
Yocto Queue
Tiny queue data structure
Http Loader
A loader for ngx-translate that loads translations with http calls
New Github Issue Url
Generate a URL for opening a new GitHub issue with prefilled title, body, and other fields
Fast Cli
Test your download and upload speed using
Cash Cli
💰💰 Convert currency rates directly from your terminal!
Typescript Transform Paths
Transforms absolute imports to relative
Into Stream
Convert a string/promise/array/iterable/asynciterable/buffer/typedarray/arraybuffer/object into a stream
Alfred Dark Mode
Alfred 3 workflow to toggle the system dark mode
Magic Iterable
Call a method on all items in an iterable by calling it on the iterable itself
React Render In Browser
React library to render browser specific content
Gh Got
Convenience wrapper for Got to interact with the GitHub API
Add watermark on images use HTML5 and Javascript.
Do Not Disturb
Control the macOS `Do Not Disturb` feature
Gloria is a static website generator, based on NodeJS.
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