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1. Maker Bundle
Symfony Maker Bundle
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2. Contracts
A set of abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
3. Doctrine Bridge
Provides integration for Doctrine with various Symfony components.
4. Options Resolver
The OptionsResolver component is array_replace() on steroids. It allows you to create an options system with required options, defaults, validation (type, value), normalization and more.
5. Asset
The Asset component manages URL generation and versioning of web assets such as CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files and image files.
6. Polyfill Intl Idn
This component provides a partial, native PHP implementation for the Intl extension (IDN features).
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8. Browser Kit
The BrowserKit component simulates the behavior of a web browser, allowing you to make requests, click on links and submit forms programmatically.
10. Event Dispatcher Contracts
A set of event dispatcher abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
11. Panther
A browser testing and web crawling library for PHP and Symfony
12. Expression Language
The ExpressionLanguage component provides an engine that can compile and evaluate expressions.
13. Form
The Form component allows you to easily create, process and reuse HTML forms.
14. Inflector
Inflector converts words between their singular and plural forms (English only).
15. Stopwatch
The Stopwatch component provides a way to profile code.
16. Mercure Bundle
The MercureBundle allows to easily push updates to web browsers and other HTTP clients in the Symfony full-stack framework, using the Mercure protocol.
17. Symfony1
The official Git mirror for symfony 1.x
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18. Property Access
The PropertyAccess component provides function to read and write from/to an object or array using a simple string notation.
19. Polyfill Intl Icu
This component provides a collection of functions/classes using the symfony/intl package when the Intl extension is not installed.
20. Intl
A PHP replacement layer for the C intl extension that also provides access to the localization data of the ICU library.
21. Validator
The Validator component provides tools to validate values following the JSR-303 Bean Validation specification.
22. Monolog Bridge
Provides integration for Monolog with various Symfony components.
23. Twig Bridge
Provides integration for Twig with various Symfony components.
24. Phpunit Bridge
Provides utilities for PHPUnit, especially user deprecation notices management.
25. Twig Bundle
The Twig Bundle provides configuration for using Twig in your applications.
27. Security Bundle
The security system is one of the most powerful parts of Symfony and can largely be controlled via its configuration.
28. Mime
The MIME component allows manipulating MIME types.
29. Serializer
With the Serializer component it's possible to handle serializing data structures, including object graphs, into array structures or other formats like XML and JSON. It can also handle deserializing XML and JSON back to object graphs.
30. Polyfill Php73
This component provides functions unavailable in releases prior to PHP 7.3.
31. Requirements Checker
Checks requirement for running Symfony
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32. Debug Bundle
The DebugBundle allows greater integration of the VarDumper component in the Symfony full-stack framework.
34. Webpack Encore
A simple but powerful API for processing & compiling assets built around Webpack
35. Orm Pack
A Symfony Pack for Doctrine ORM
36. Web Profiler Bundle
The WebProfilerBundle provides detailed technical information about each request execution and displays it in both the web debug toolbar and the profiler.
37. Profiler Pack
A Symfony Pack for Symfony profiler
38. Translation Contracts
A set of translation abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
39. Service Contracts
A set of service abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
40. Property Info
PropertyInfo extracts information about PHP class' properties using metadata of popular sources.
42. Symfony Standard
The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution
43. Polyfill Iconv
This component provides a native PHP implementation of the functions.
44. Cache Contracts
A set of cache abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
45. Debug Pack
A Symfony Pack for Symfony debug
46. Error Handler
The ErrorHandler component provides tools to manage errors and ease debugging PHP code.
47. Var Exporter
The VarExporter component allows exporting any serializable PHP data structure to plain PHP code. While doing so, it preserves all the semantics associated with the serialization mechanism of PHP (__wakeup, __sleep, Serializable).
48. Polyfill Php56
This component provides functions unavailable in releases prior to PHP 5.6.
49. Cli
Repository for reporting issues related to the Symfony CLI
50. Polyfill Php55
This component provides functions unavailable in releases prior to PHP 5.5.
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