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1. Frp
A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.
2. Vant Weapp
轻量、可靠的小程序 UI 组件库
5. Datav
📊 is a modern APM, provide observability for your business, application and infrastructure. It's also a lightweight alternative to Grafana.
8. Form Render
🚴‍♀️ 阿里飞猪 - 很易用的中后台「表单 / 表格 / 图表」解决方案
11. Core
Cloud9 Core - Part of the Cloud9 SDK for Plugin Development
12. Tablesorter
Github fork of Christian Bach's tablesorter plugin + awesomeness ~
13. Json Schema Faker
JSON-Schema + fake data generators
14. Codecrumbs
Learn, design or document codebase by putting breadcrumbs in source code. Live updates, multi-language support and more.
16. Imove
Move your mouse, generate code from flow chart
18. Flamescope
FlameScope is a visualization tool for exploring different time ranges as Flame Graphs.
20. Dingtalk
21. Weui Wxss
A UI library by WeChat official design team, includes the most useful widgets/modules.
22. Zui
ZUI is an HTML5 front UI framework.
25. Web Clipper
For Notion,OneNote,Bear,Yuque,Joplin。Clip anything to anywhere
26. Artipub
Article publishing platform that automatically distributes your articles to various media channels
27. Swagger Bootstrap Ui
Swagger-bootstrap-ui is the Swagger front-end UI implementation, the purpose is to replace the Swagger default UI implementation Swagger-UI, make the document more friendly....
28. Mediawiki
🌻 The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia. Mirror from See for contributing.
29. Dolibarr
Dolibarr ERP CRM is a modern software package to manage your company or foundation's activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda, accounting, ...). It is open source software (written in PHP) and designed for small and medium businesses, foundations and freelancers. You can freely install, use and distribute it as a standalon…
30. React Tabs
An accessible and easy tab component for ReactJS.
31. Openui5
OpenUI5 lets you build enterprise-ready web applications, responsive to all devices, running on almost any browser of your choice.
32. Kendo Ui Core
An HTML5, jQuery-based widget library for building modern web apps.
34. Vue Easytable
🍉 Table Component/ Data Grid / Data Table.Support Virtual Scroll,Column Fixed,Header Fixed,Header Grouping,Filter,Sort,Cell Ellipsis,Row Expand,Row Checkbox ...
36. Fancytree
JavaScript tree view / tree grid plugin with support for keyboard, inline editing, filtering, checkboxes, drag'n'drop, and lazy loading
37. Teletype
Share your workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time in Atom
38. Dotnet
A simple but effective mini-profiler for ASP.NET (and Core) websites
39. Vconsole
A lightweight, extendable front-end developer tool for mobile web page.
40. Jwplayer
JW Player is the world's most popular embeddable media player.
41. Orchard
Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.
43. Timelinejs3
TimelineJS v3: A Storytelling Timeline built in JavaScript.
47. Bookstack
48. Selectize.js
Selectize is the hybrid of a textbox and <select> box. It's jQuery based, and it has autocomplete and native-feeling keyboard navigation; useful for tagging, contact lists, etc.
49. Wgcloud
linux运维监控工具,支持系统信息,内存,cpu,温度,磁盘空间及IO,硬盘smart,系统负载,网络流量等监控,API接口,大屏展示,拓扑图,进程监控,端口监控,docker监控,文件防篡改,日志监控,数据可视化,web ssh,堡垒机,指令下发批量执行,linux面板,探针,故障告警
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