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React Plyr
📺 A React video component based on Plyr
React Lazy Images
🖼️ 🛋️ Components and utilities for lazy image loading in React
a modular architecture to separate code, compilation, running, testing of each module
Vue Datepicker Ui
Datepicker Component For Vue
Vue Window
Window component for vue2
React Native Pulse Loader
tinder-like loader for your react native app
Vuex Connect
A binding utility for a Vue component and a Vuex store.
React Native Scalable Image
React Native Image component which scales width or height automatically to keep the original aspect ratio
Blazing fast and lightweight autocomplete widget without dependencies. Only 1KB gzipped. Demo:
🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ One easy-to-use component for Vue.js to build beautiful responsive timelines.
React Loading
Build a smooth and lightweight react component loading with css 🎉 .
Options Resolver
The OptionsResolver component is array_replace() on steroids. It allows you to create an options system with required options, defaults, validation (type, value), normalization and more.
React Native Hero
🤘 A super duper easy hero unit react-native component with support for dynamic image, dynamic sizing, color overlays, and more
🐧 微信小程序组件和功能封装,基于微信Component自定义组件开发
Vue Element Loading
⏳ Loading inside a container or full screen for Vue.js
Vue Content Loader
SVG component to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading.
The Asset component manages URL generation and versioning of web assets such as CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files and image files.
Reel Search
🔍 RAMReel is a UI controller that allows you to choose options from a list. Swift UI library made by @Ramotion
Vue Menu
Menu/Contextmenu Component for vue2
Vue drag-and-drop component based on Sortable.js
quick and easy documentation of Vue.js components - DEPRECATED
Vue Glide
A slider and carousel as vue component on top of the Glide.js
Component Size
React hook for determining the size of a component
Angular Component Router - A declarative router for Angular applications
React Native Skeleton Content
A customizable skeleton-like loading placeholder for react native projects using expo.
Vue Dynamic Form Component
Vue dynamic nested form component, support nested Object/Hashmap/Array. Vue动态多级表单组件,支持嵌套对象/Hashmap/数组。
🏰 MVVMFrame for Android 是一个基于Google官方推出的Architecture Components dependencies(现在叫JetPack){ Lifecycle,LiveData,ViewModel,Room } 构建的快速开发框架。有了MVVMFrame的加持,从此构建一个MVVM模式的项目变得快捷简单。
V Bar
The virtual responsive crossbrowser scrollbar component for VueJS 2x
Vue Tinymce Editor
This a component provides use of tinymce for vue developers
A themable React component library!Flexible Lightweight PC UI Components built on React! Anyone can generate easily all kinds of themes by it!
Stupid simple style components for React
React Intl Tel Input
Rewrite International Telephone Input in React.js. (Looking for maintainers, and PRs & contributors are also welcomed!)
Vuejs Tree
A highly customizable and blazing fast Vue tree component ⚡🌲
React Native Typing Animation
💬 A typing animation for your React Native chat app based on simple trigonometry to create better loaders.
Browser Kit
The BrowserKit component simulates the behavior of a web browser, allowing you to make requests, click on links and submit forms programmatically.
React Native Action Button
customizable multi-action-button component for react-native
React Instagram Embed
React embedding Instagram posts component
React Reorder
Drag & drop, touch enabled, reorderable / sortable list, React component
🐜🐜 一种全新的android组件化方案,无需下沉公用代码,无需采用路由等硬编码方式分发sdk,独立维护组件暴露的SDK/IMPL,打破官方模块循环且支持组件间互相调用SDK,支持集成组件调试/组件独立运行。A brand new android componentization solution, no need to sink public code, no need to use hard coding to distribute sdk, independent maintenance component exposed SDK / IMPL, break the official module loop and support the call between components The SDK supports integrated component debugging/components to run independently.
优雅、简洁的 Remax 组件库
React Native Immutable List View
📜 Drop-in replacement for ListView, FlatList, and VirtualizedList.
React Polymorphic Box
Building blocks for strongly typed polymorphic components in React.
Vue Easytable
🍉 Table Component/ Data Grid / Data Table.Support Virtual Scroll,Column Fixed,Header Fixed,Header Grouping,Filter,Sort,Cell Ellipsis,Row Expand,Row Checkbox ...
Flap(灵动),一个基于 RecyclerView 的页面组件化框架。
Navigation Stack
NavigationStack is a stack-modeled UI navigation controller. Swift UI library made by @Ramotion
Babel Plugin React Intl Auto
i18n for the component age. Auto management react-intl ID.
Highly customizable calendarView and calendarViewController for iOS
Vue Upload Component
Vue.js file upload component, Multi-file upload, Upload directory, Drag upload, Drag the directory, Upload multiple files at the same time, html4 (IE 9), `PUT` method, Customize the filter
Expression Language
The ExpressionLanguage component provides an engine that can compile and evaluate expressions.
React Sticky Table
Responsive and dynamically-sized fixed headers and columns for tables
A lightbox inspired Vue.js component.
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