Top 528 hack open source projects

1. Yi Hack Allwinner
Custom firmware for Yi 1080p camera based on Allwinner platform
2. Hatch
Hatch is a brute force tool that is used to brute force most websites
3. Hack Captive Portals
Hack any Captive portal using MAC-spoofing technique
4. Ratpoison
Latest Ver: 1.7; Default Menu Key is F1; Charlatano's Successor; dn
5. Hackchrome
⛄️ Get the User:Password from Chrome(include version < 80 and version > 80)
6. H Encore 2
Fully chained kernel exploit for the PS Vita on firmwares 3.65-3.73
🔒 The website. Feel free to send pull requests with updates.
✭ 227
8. Pubg mobile memory hacking examples
Pubg Mobile Emulator Gameloop Memory Hacking C++ code examples. Ex: Name, Coord, Bones, Weapons, Items, Box, Drop etc.
9. Hackers Tool Kit
Its a framework filled with alot of options and hacking tools you use directly in the script from brute forcing to payload making im still adding more stuff i now have another tool out called htkl-lite its hackers-tool-kit just not as big and messy to see updates check on my instagram @tuf_unkn0wn or if there are any problems message me on instagram
10. Nomercy
Open source anti cheat
11. Seo
SEO utilities including a unique field type, sitemap & redirect manager
12. Framework
A modular Hack framework that runs on HHVM.
✭ 209
13. Chameleonmini Rebooted
Chameleon Mini revE rebooted - Iceman Fork, the ChameleonMini is a versatile contactless smartcard emulator (NFC/RFID)
14. Hack Movie
15. Gotty Client
🔧 terminal client for GoTTY
16. Proc Macro Hack
Procedural macros in expression position
✭ 194
17. Camerattack
An attack tool designed to remotely disable CCTV camera streams (like in spy movies)
18. Go Learning With Hack
19. Loco Answers
Open Source Android App for answers in TRIVIA GAMES
20. Garhal csgo
A project that demonstrates how to screw with CSGO from Kernel Space. (CSGO Kernel Cheat/Hack) All cleaned up, and with updated offsets.
21. Cod Exploits
☠️ Call of Duty - Vulnerabilities and proof-of-concepts
22. Pulse
Brute Force For Facebook,Instagram & Twitter
24. Antiddos System
🛡️⚔️ Protect your web app from DDOS attack or the Dead Ping + CAPTCHA VERIFICATION in one line!
25. Hack Langspec
The official Hack Language specification.
✭ 170
26. Attiny85
RubberDucky like payloads for DigiSpark Attiny85
27. Esp8266 wifi captive portal
🔑 WiFi captive portal for ESP8266 for phishing WiFi passwords
28. Ip Biter
IP-Biter: The Hacker-friendly E-Mail (but not only) Tracking Framework
29. Go Openvswitch
Go packages which enable interacting with Open vSwitch and related tools. Apache 2.0 Licensed.
31. Pwned
A command-line tool for querying the 'Have I been pwned?' service.
32. Darkside
Tool Information Gathering & social engineering Write By [Python,JS,PHP]
33. Hidex Hack
anti reverse by hack dex file
34. Chameleonmini Rebootedgui
Windows based GUI for Chameleon Mini, the contactless smartcard emulator (NFC/RFID)
35. Airchat
AirChat lets you chat to nearby users by abusing the AirDrop interface on OS X.
✭ 156
40. Datamaker
在线 SQL测试数据生成 ,直接打开官网就会用了(如果打不开域名试试 )
✭ 142
41. Killcast
Manipulate Chromecast Devices in your Network
42. Awesome Vulnerable
45. Oss Performance
Scripts for benchmarking various PHP implementations when running open source software.
✭ 122
46. Telekiller
A Tools Session Hijacking And Stealer Local Passcode Telegram Windows
47. Janitor
The fastest development system in the world.
48. Pokemon Go Xposed
📱 Xposed module for Pokemon Go - Circumvents the certificate pinning by injecting the expected SSL trust chain, allows you to MITM and to configure a custom API endpoint.
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