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Final Form
🏁 Framework agnostic, high performance, subscription-based form state management
Django Bootstrap Modal Forms
A Django plugin for creating AJAX driven forms in Bootstrap modal.
Add CLI & form interface to your program. Docs:
Form bloc
🔥 Dart and Flutter Package 🔥 Easy Form State Management using BLoC pattern 🔥 Wizard/stepper forms, asynchronous validation, dynamic and conditional fields, submission progress, serialization and more! 🔥
HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP.
React Hooks Helper
A custom React Hooks library that gives you custom hooks for your code.
Learn To Send Email Via Google Script Html No Server
📧 An Example of using an HTML form (e.g: "Contact Us" on a website) to send Email without a Backend Server (using a Google Script) perfect for static websites that need to collect data.
📋 Validation resolvers: Zod, Yup, Joi, Superstruct, and Vest.
Simple React Form
The simplest way to handle forms in React
Vue Dynamic Form Component
Vue dynamic nested form component, support nested Object/Hashmap/Array. Vue动态多级表单组件,支持嵌套对象/Hashmap/数组。
Angular Surveys
Angular survey / form builder inspired by Google Forms
Kirby Uniform
A versatile Kirby plugin to handle web form actions.
Ant Plus
🔺 Ant Design 表单简化版
☁️ A pragmatic implementation of the Float Label Pattern for the web
Material Singleinputform
A single EditText instead of a classical form. Library that implements flavienlaurent's singleinputform
Rich Model Forms Bundle
Provides additional data mappers that ease the use of the Symfony Form component with rich models.
Vanilla javascript form validation micro-library
The Form component allows you to easily create, process and reuse HTML forms.
Elm Form
Dynamic forms handling in Elm
Redux Form
A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store
React Advanced Form
Functional reactive forms. Multi-layer validation, custom styling, field grouping, reactive props, and much more.
React Form
⚛️ Hooks for managing form state and validation in React
Create simple Android forms
React Redux Form
Create forms easily in React with Redux.
Composable Form
Build type-safe composable forms in Elm
React Apollo Form
Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs.
Generic form builder in Kotlin
Simple React Validator
A simple react form validator inspired by Laravel validation.
Laravel Nova Nested Form
This package allows you to include your nested relationships' forms into a parent form.
✅ React form state management and validation
Easing the form object pattern in Rails applications
a package for decode form's values into struct in Go
Formik Effect
Declarative component for managing side-effects in Formik forms. 580 bytes
A field-first form library for React and React Native
iOS 高度封装自适应表单(重构版)
Vuetify Form Base
Schema-based Form Generator - Vue.js 2.0 Component based on Vuetify 2.0
Vue Ui For Pc
基于Vue2.x的一套PC端UI组件,包括了Carousel 跑马灯、Cascader 级联、Checkbox 多选框、Collapse 折叠面板、DatePicker 日期选择、Dialog 对话框、Form 表单、Input 输入框、InputNumber 数字输入框、Layer 弹窗层、Loading 加载、Menu 菜单、Page 分页、Progress 进度条、Radio 单选框、SelectDropDown 仿select、Switch 开关、Table 表格、Tabs 标签页、Textarea 文本框、Tooltip 文字提示、BackTop 返回顶部、steps 步骤条、Transfer 穿梭框、Tree 树形、Upload 文件上传、Lazy 图片懒加载、Loading 加载、Pagination 分页等等
ASP.NET Core - Transform server-side validations to client-side without writing any javascript code. (Compatible with Fluent Validation)
React Native Form
A simple react-native component to wrap your form fields and get their values with just one single method.
A jQuery plugin that transforms a form into an interactive chat.
Antd Schema Form
Based on Ant Design, interactive forms can be generated through JSON Schema configuration. - 基于Ant Design,可以通过JSON Schema配置生成可交互的表单。
Reactive forms
This is a model-driven approach to handling form inputs and validations, heavily inspired in Angular's Reactive Forms
📝 Simple form & survey app for Nextcloud
Form Validation.js
The most customizable validation framework for JavaScript.
Form schema validation library
Ratifier is a form validation library for Android.
Edit In Place
A flexible and unopinionated edit in place library for Angular applications
React Controlled Form
Flexible, Modular & Controlled Forms for React and Redux
Vue Form Components
Clean & minimal vue form elements and form builder with validation
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