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Sonar Findbugs
SpotBugs plugin for SonarQube
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SpotBugs is FindBugs' successor. A tool for static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.
Static code review for your Gerrit patchsets. Runs Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs, Scalastyle, CodeNarc, JSLint for you!
Findbugs Android
Gradle plugin that creates FindBugs reports for android projects
Find Sec Bugs
The SpotBugs plugin for security audits of Java web applications and Android applications. (Also work with Kotlin, Groovy and Scala projects)
Fb Contrib
a FindBugs/SpotBugs plugin for doing static code analysis for java code bases
A Gradle plugin that helps facilitate GitHub PR checking and automatic commenting of violations.
Violations Lib
Java library for parsing report files from static code analysis.
Quality Checks
Gradle plugin which includes Checkstyle, FindBugs, and PMD basic configuration.
Kotlin Android Starter
[Kotlin Android] Kotlin Android starter based MVP/Dagger2/RxJava2/Robolectric/Espresso/Mockito. It provides a generator to fast create a Kotlin Android project.
Android Starter
[Android Architecture] Android starter based on MVP/Dagger2/RxJava2/Robolectric/Espresso/Mockito. It provides a generator to fast create a Android template project.
Gradle Static Analysis Plugin
Easy setup of static analysis tools for Android and Java projects.
Incremental scan,integrate Lint、KtLint、UnitTest、Checkstyle、Findbugs、Pmd, powerful and easy to use
Gradle Code Quality Tools Plugin
Gradle plugin that generates ErrorProne, Findbugs, Checkstyle, PMD, CPD, Lint, Detekt & Ktlint Tasks for every subproject.
A plugin to simplify Static Code Analysis on Gradle. Not restricted to, but specially useful, in Android projects, by making sure all analysis can access the SDK classes.
a plugin which ensures nullness annotations on methods and constructors
The project aims to present how to connect Spring Boot 2 and Java Swing GUI widget toolkit. All application dependencies are provided by Docker Compose. There are also static code analysis tools like FindBugs and Checkstyle.
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