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Example multi-module Android project with unit tests, dagger 2, test coverage and others
Dagger Examples
Some dagger-android examples with Retrofit2, MVVM architecture, RxJava, (Java)
Movies Kotlin Kata
Katas for practice Kotlin( Coroutines, dataclasses, delegate properties...) Clean Architecture and best practices in Android(DI, Dagger, MVP, Espresso) implemented by Jorge Sánchez (Xurxodev)
🛡️ Android security (camera/microphone dots indicators) app using Hilt, Animations, Coroutines, Material, StateFlow, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel, Paging, Security, Biometrics, Start-up) based on MVVM architecture.
Android Mvvm Architecture
This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Dagger2, Room, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView
Movie discovery app showcasing MVP, RxJava, Dagger 2 and Clean Architecture
Sample app showcases the MVP pattern and Robert Martin's Clean Architecture approach.
WanAndroid客户端,项目基于 Material Design + MVP +dagger2 + RxJava + Retrofit + Glide + greendao 等架构进行设计实现,极力打造一款 优秀的玩Android 客户端,是一个不错的Android应用开发学习参考项目
Movieguide Kotlin
Movie discovery app showcasing Kotlin, RxJava, Dagger2, MVP using Clean Architecture
A sample project entirely written in Kotlin. Backend/Frontend with Ktor and Android app.
🔥组件化,Retrofit,Rxjava2,dagger2,Mvp ,ReactNative ,Atlas(插件化)
🏰 MVVMFrame for Android 是一个基于Google官方推出的Architecture Components dependencies(现在叫JetPack){ Lifecycle,LiveData,ViewModel,Room } 构建的快速开发框架。有了MVVMFrame的加持,从此构建一个MVVM模式的项目变得快捷简单。
Awesome Wanandroid
⚡致力于打造一款极致体验的 客户端,知识和美是可以并存的哦QAQn(*≧▽≦*)n
Demo project for Dagger 2
Complete Android Development Course 101: Spotify Clone App
Android References
👏 Android 示例程序:MVP, MVVM, 组件化, AndroidX, ARouter, RxJava, EventBus, ButterKnife, 视频播放, 视频直播, 网络访问, 布局和控件整理等
Open-source android spyware
A bubble to do your search.
Android Audiorecorder App
Android application to record audio. RxJava2, Dagger2, MVP, RoomDb.
Droid Feed
Aggregated Android news, articles, podcasts and conferences about Android Development
Simple finance control app as technology playground
This repository might be a starting point for building Android interview tasks. There is also providing a basic sample template based on layered architecture using Dagger2 and Architecture Components.
Readhub Android 客户端——官网 :
Stepik Android
Android Application for Taking Open Courses on the Stepik Platform
Android Clean Architecture
Showcasing a Clean Architecture approach from our Android applications framework!
Mifos Mobile
Repository for the Mifos Mobile Banking App for clients
一个基于 Clean 架构以及 Retrofit , RxKotlin , Dagger 框架实现的 Kotlin for Android App 。
Dagger Hilt Playerground
A playground for learning dagger hilt on android
Android MVVM + Dagger 2 (Hilt) + JetPack project template
Clean MVP Architecture with Dagger2 + Retrofit2 + Mockito + Fresco + EasiestGenericRecyclerAdapter using Kotlin. Added Unit Tests(Kotlin Tests)!
A minimalistic movie listing app to browse IMDB's top 250 movies, built to demonstrate MVVM with latest hot-trending Android development tools.
Kotlin Mvvm Architecture
Android Architecture Design Patterns using Kotlin, MVVM, Dagger2, LiveData, Room, MediatorLiveData, NetworkBoundResources, Retrofit, AndroidX, ViewModels, Dependency Injection using Dagger2, Repository pattern.
📺 高仿全民直播(全民TV),项目采用 MVP + RXJava + Retrofit + OKHttp + Material Design + Dagger2 + Base + Glide + GreenDao构建。因为全民TV已经凉了,导致App已经连不上。所以本项目已暂停维护。仅供学习。 推荐MVPFrame: 和你值得拥有的MVVMFrame快速开发框架:
Android Tech Frontier
Movieapp Clean Architecture
Learning Project (Movie App) For Applying Android Architecture Components And Clean Architecture Using MVVM With Kotlin
App to display and monitor the targetSDK from installed apps.
干货集中营Android app(MVP + RxJava2 + Dagger2 + Retrofit)
⚔️ A common architecture for Android applications developing based on MVP, integrates many open source projects, to make your developing quicker and easier (一个整合了大量主流开源项目高度可配置化的 Android MVP 快速集成框架).
MVP Android App Template Ultimate Android Template MVP // Dagger 2 // Boilerplate // Bootstrap // Bottom Navigation Menu Material Design
Android Livedata Viewmodel
Android app that demonstrates how to use new Architecture components.
Todo Android
[Google Play] Todo Android App using Realm, Material Design, and Dagger 2.
Redgram For Reddit
An Open-Sourced Android Reddit Client
Dagger2 Mvp Sample
Android Sample to explain Dagger 2 and MVP in android applications.
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