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Spring Boot Testing Strategies
Sample project demonstrating different Test Strategies that can be followed when using Spring Boot.
QuickPerf is a testing library for Java to quickly evaluate and improve some performance-related properties
Junit Dataprovider
A TestNG like dataprovider runner for JUnit with many additional features
An Open Source unit test framework for Hive queries based on JUnit 4 and 5
Mastering Junit5
A comprehensive collection of test examples created with JUnit 5
Spring Boot的例子,包含RESTful API, MVC, JMS, Cache, Mybatis, Cache, Websocket...
Fastlane Plugin Test center
🎯 The best fastlane plugin to understand and tame misbehaving iOS tests 🎉
Save time & clear your unit tests on Android !
Video Recorder Java
This library allows easily record video of your UI tests by just putting couple annotations.
Vscode Java Test
Run and debug Java test cases in Visual Studio Code.
BDD assertion library for Kotlin
Testowanie oprogramowania - Książka dla początkujących testerów
A BDD-style test runner for Java 8. Inspired by Jasmine, RSpec, and Cucumber.
Java Ddd Skeleton
♨️ DDD in Java skeleton & examples. Course:
Kafka Junit
This library wraps Kafka's embedded test cluster, allowing you to more easily create and run integration tests using JUnit against a "real" kafka server running within the context of your tests. No need to stand up an external kafka cluster!
Never debug a test again: Detailed failure reports and hassle free assertions for Java tests - Power Asserts for Java
Test Smells
Test Smells for Android developers
Sniffy - interactive profiler, testing and chaos engineering tool for Java
Pure 100% java reactive-style client-side webpages with POJO traffic, jUnit GUI testing, declarative view-on-model, automatic browser reloading and more.
Kotlin Espresso Sample
MVP Android project that uses Espresso instrumentation tests and Robolectric. All written in Kotlin.
Jpacman Framework
Pacman-inspired game, for teaching testing purposes.
⛵️Junit performance rely on junit5 and jdk8+.(java 性能测试框架)
Automatically detect and generate missing assertions for Junit test cases (also known as test amplification)
State of the art mutation testing system for the JVM
A Combinatorial Testing + Model-based Testing framework on top of Java+JUnit. Model your application as code and let JCUnit do the rest.
✭ 72
Junit Schema
XSD for Apache Ant's JUnit output
Java9 Modules Maven Junit Example
This simple project shows how Maven can be used to build Java 9 modules.
Parses JUnit/xUnit Result XML files with ease
Junit Extensions
JUnit5 extensions library including JUnit5 equivalents of some of the common JUnit4 rules: ExpectedException, TemporaryFolder etc
A framework for capturing log statements during tests. Compatible with most popular logging frameworks. Works with JUnit and TestNG
Junit Merge
NodeJS CLI for merging JUnit XML test results
Junit Quickcheck
Property-based testing, JUnit-style
FluentLenium is a website & mobile automation framework which extends Selenium to write reliable and resilient UI functional tests. This framework is React ready. Written and maintained by people who are automating browser-based tests on a daily basis.
Android Testing Guide
[Examples] Complete reference for Android Testing with examples.
Android Junit5
Testing with JUnit 5 for Android.
Testcontainers Java
Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.
✅ The 5th major version of the programmer-friendly testing framework for Java and the JVM
System Rules
A collection of JUnit rules for testing code which uses java.lang.System.
Property based testing for Java 8
Android开发中必要的一环---单元测试(Unit Test)
Docker Compose Rule
A JUnit rule to manage docker containers using docker-compose
JQF + Zest: Coverage-guided semantic fuzzing for Java.
Android Gif Example
Gif RecyclerView in MVP using Dagger 2 + Retrofit 2 + Moshi + RxJava 2 + Glide 4 with JUnit and Espresso tests written in Kotlin + Kotlin DSL!
A simple mock implementation of the AWS S3 API startable as Docker image, JUnit 4 rule, or JUnit Jupiter extension
Gradle Android Junit Jacoco Plugin
Gradle plugin that generates JaCoCo reports from an Android Gradle Project
Jest Junit
A Jest reporter that creates compatible junit xml files
Clean Mvvm Archcomponents
👽 Android app consuming Star Wars API.Built with clean architecture ,MVVM pattern, Koin , Coroutines + Flows ,Architecture Components, Data Binding , Firebase , Unit/UI Tests ,Motion Layout
Tictactoe Mvvm
Sample android application used to learn the Model View View Model pattern and DataBinding in Android
Property-Based Testing on the JUnit Platform
Blog Tutorials
⭐️ Codebase for the tutorials on my blog about Java, Spring Boot, AWS, Kotlin and Testing
Rspec junit formatter
RSpec results that your CI can read
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