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Android Cleanarchitecture
This is a sample app that is part of a series of blog posts I have written about how to architect an android application using Uncle Bob's clean architecture approach.
Nytimes App
🗽 A Simple Demonstration of the New York Times App 📱 using Jsoup web crawler with MVVM Architecture 🔥
AboutLibraries automatically detects all dependencies of a project and collects their information including the license. Optionally visualising it via the provided ui components.
Kotlin For Android Developers
Companion App for the book
Sample app showcases the MVP pattern and Robert Martin's Clean Architecture approach.
This view is for replacement of standard Floating Action Button from Google Support Library. It is easy to use, customizable and you can also add text to button
Really quickly build APKs on handheld device (smartphone or tablet) in Amazon, Android, Chromebook and Windows📲 See to start building APKs.
A lightweight tool that simplifies testing of the process death scenario.
Simple Calendar
A simple calendar with events, customizable widgets and no ads.
A sweet, small set of Kotlin functions to reduce your android boilerplate code
Simple App Launcher
A simple holder for favourite apps for quick & easy app launcher icon management
Android Developer Reference
🔥 A curated list of awesome Android articles sorted by topic.
Android virtual makeup app, apply cosmetics on human face.
Collection of experiments, using motion layout.
Simple Flashlight
A simple modern flashlight with SOS, stroboscope & bright display, has no ads.
Hands on tutorial for coding Android TV app from scratch
A IPC Invoker for Android Development.
Tool for create complex morphing animations using VectorDrawables (allows morphing between any pair of SVG images)
Droid Feed
Aggregated Android news, articles, podcasts and conferences about Android Development
DecleX - Declarative Framework for Android, easier and faster coding.
♻ RecycleView with multiple view types, inner horizontal RecycleView and layout animation
Awesome Kotlin
A curated list of awesome Kotlin frameworks, libraries, documents and other resources
Bundletool is a command-line tool to manipulate Android App Bundles
Div Games Studio
Complete cross platform games development package, originally for DOS but now available on modern platforms.
Foreground application detection library for android.
VirtualApp With Compatibility Of Android 10/11/12
GlideToast is a android library to implement flying Toast Animation
VideoView that plays video only when 👀 are open and 👦 is detected with various other features
Notzz App
📝 A Simple Note-Taking App built to demonstrate the use of Modern Android development tools - (Kotlin, Coroutines, State Flow, Hilt-Dependency Injection, Jetpack DataStore, Architecture Components, MVVM, Room, Material Design Components).
Control and manage Android devices from your browser.
Getting Started With Kotlin
🚀 How to use Kotlin with popular Android libraries
Fingerprint Android
Swiss army knife for identifying and fingerprinting Android devices.
Simple Gallery
Browse your memories without any interruptions with this photo and video gallery
Developed a Group chat application using Flutter and Firebase, where users can register and create groups or join already existing groups and start conversing with each other.
Best Android Tutorials
Best Free Android Tutorials By MindOrks
Ultimate Java Resources
Java programming. All in one Java Resource for learning. Updated every day and up to date. All Algorithms and DS along with Development in Java. Beginner to Advanced. Join the Discord link.
Avoid Memory Leak Android
🔥 Examples of memory leaks and common patterns that cause them in Android development and how to fix/avoid them
Simple Dialer
A handy phone call manager with phonebook, number blocking and multi-SIM support
Android Cards
CardView with Material Design using ConstraintLayout
Uber Car Animation Android
An example project to demonstrate how to Add Uber Like Car Animation in Android App
Dagger Androidinjector
This sample is part of a tutorial on how to use the new dagger-android module, which was released in Dagger 2.10.
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