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Android Cleanarchitecture
This is a sample app that is part of a series of blog posts I have written about how to architect an android application using Uncle Bob's clean architecture approach.
Rickandmorty Androidarchitecturesample
A Rick And Morty simple app to show one approach to using some of the best practices in Android Development.
Android Bookmark
【资料汇总】Android 资源知识大全
Android Mvvm Architecture
This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Dagger2, Room, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView
Moxy is MVP library for Android with incremental annotation processor and ktx features
📬 The LifecycleModel class is designed to store and manage UI-related data in a lifecycle conscious way, the LifecycleModel class allows data to survive configuration changes such as screen rotations, it also handles the communication of the Activity / Fragment with the rest of the application, base on
💉 Transfuse - A Dependency Injection and Integration framework for Google Android
Sample app showcases the MVP pattern and Robert Martin's Clean Architecture approach.
Web Dev Tools Android
Sample Android Application - MVVM, Clean Architecture, Modularization, Repository Pattern
Cw Androidarch
Source Code for the Book "Android's Architecture Components"
🐜🐜 一种全新的android组件化方案,无需下沉公用代码,无需采用路由等硬编码方式分发sdk,独立维护组件暴露的SDK/IMPL,打破官方模块循环且支持组件间互相调用SDK,支持集成组件调试/组件独立运行。A brand new android componentization solution, no need to sink public code, no need to use hard coding to distribute sdk, independent maintenance component exposed SDK / IMPL, break the official module loop and support the call between components The SDK supports integrated component debugging/components to run independently.
Clean Architecture Android
Sample to practice Clean Architecture in android applications.
Redux-inspired Android architecture library leveraging Architecture Components and Kotlin Coroutines
Unidirectional reactive state container for Android & Kotlin
🔥🔥🔥A powerful componentized framework.一个强大、100% 兼容、支持 AndroidX、支持 Kotlin并且灵活的组件化框架
Android Spotify Mvp
Android Sample to explain Model View Presenter in android applications.
Droid Feed
Aggregated Android news, articles, podcasts and conferences about Android Development
Notzz App
📝 A Simple Note-Taking App built to demonstrate the use of Modern Android development tools - (Kotlin, Coroutines, State Flow, Hilt-Dependency Injection, Jetpack DataStore, Architecture Components, MVVM, Room, Material Design Components).
Android Advanced Blueprint
Android进阶蓝图,各种新技术的体验demo,快速上手Data Binding,Data Binding Compiler V2,Android Architecture,Room等Android的黑科技
Mvp Architecture Components
This is a sample project, showing the connection between Android Architecture Components and MVP pattern.
Dagger Androidinjector
This sample is part of a tutorial on how to use the new dagger-android module, which was released in Dagger 2.10.
Android Mvvm Architecture
A basic sample android application to understand MVVM in a very simple way.
Android Tech Frontier
⚔️ A common architecture for Android applications developing based on MVP, integrates many open source projects, to make your developing quicker and easier (一个整合了大量主流开源项目高度可配置化的 Android MVP 快速集成框架).
Android micro framework for developing apps based on clean VIPER architecture.
Android Architecture
🌇该项目结合 MVP 与 Clean 架构思想,探索在 Android 项目上的最佳实践。
Android Mvvm Coroutine
Kotlin android application example with MVVM pattern, android architecture, kotlin coroutine, unit test, and UI test
Architecture Samples
A collection of samples to discuss and showcase different architectural tools and patterns for Android apps.
Roomdb Sample
A simple notes app to demo Room + LiveData implementation in Android
Mr. Alfonz is here to help you build your Android app, make the development process easier and avoid boilerplate code.
Android Mvp Architecture
MVP + Kotlin + Retrofit2 + Dagger2 + Coroutines + Anko + Kotlin-Android-Extensions + RX-java + Mockk + Espresso + Junit5
Generator Android Architecture
[Yeoman Generator] Create android app using googlesamples/android-architecture.
Fluxxan is an Android implementation of the Flux Architecture that combines concepts from both Fluxxor and Redux.
Android Mvp Architecture
Sample app to show basics of Model-View-Presenter (MVP) architectural pattern
Hello Mvp
A small MVP Android project
Android tmdb clean architecture
Showcase of clean architecture concepts along with Continuous Integration and Development for modular Android applications. Includes test suits (functional and unit tests) along with code coverage.
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