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BinNavi is a binary analysis IDE that allows to inspect, navigate, edit and annotate control flow graphs and call graphs of disassembled code.
Awesome Ci
Awesome Continuous Integration - Lot's of tools for git, file and static source code analysis.
Tweets analyzer
Tweets metadata scraper & activity analyzer
[LLVM Static Slicer] Various program analyses, construction of dependence graphs and program slicing of LLVM bitcode.
⚙️ The static code analysis tool you need for your HTML
Cross Platform ELF analysis
StreamAlert is a serverless, realtime data analysis framework which empowers you to ingest, analyze, and alert on data from any environment, using datasources and alerting logic you define.
Warp10 Platform
The Most Advanced Time Series Platform
Query Method Calls from Ruby Programs
Concurrently detect the minimum Python versions needed to run code
Awkward 0.x
Manipulate arrays of complex data structures as easily as Numpy.
Roslyn-based analysis for code using the Serilog logging library. Checks for common mistakes and usage problems.
AFINN-based sentiment analysis for Node.js.
Save Page State
A chrome extension to save the state of a page for further analysis
A set of data tools in Python
🚂 Python API for Emma's Markov Model Algorithms 🚂
Aircraft design optimization made fast through modern automatic differentiation. Plug-and-play analysis tools for aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, trajectory design, and much, much more.
Modular C++ Toolkit for Performance Analysis and Logging. Profiling API and Tools for C, C++, CUDA, Fortran, and Python. The C++ template API is essentially a framework to creating tools: it is designed to provide a unifying interface for recording various performance measurements alongside data logging and interfaces to other tools.
Intermediate Representation for Binary analysis and transformation
📡 🍍Detects activities of PineAP module and starts deauthentication attack (for fake access points - WiFi Pineapple Activities Detection)
Application Insights Workbooks
Templates for Azure Monitor Workbooks
Helpdesk Guide
Experimental analyses for OCaml/ReScript: for globally dead values/types, exception analysis, and termination analysis.
Twitter Intelligence
Twitter Intelligence OSINT project performs tracking and analysis of the Twitter
Core package to analyze gravitational-wave data, find signals, and study their parameters. This package was used in the first direct detection of gravitational waves (GW150914), and is used in the ongoing analysis of LIGO/Virgo data.
System Architecture Mapper
Lexical syntax analysis
编译原理词法分析器&语法分析器LR(1)实现 C++
Ladybug Legacy
🐞 Ladybug is an environmental plugin for Grasshopper.
Angr Utils
Handy utilities for the angr binary analysis framework, most notably CFG visualization
Pe Linux
Linux Privilege Escalation Tool By WazeHell
Open Synthesis
Open platform for CIA-style intelligence analysis
This repository contains three ways to obtain arbitrage which are Dual Listing, Options and Statistical Arbitrage. These are projects in collaboration with Optiver and have been peer-reviewed by staff members of Optiver.
🍝 Pastas is an open-source Python framework for the analysis of hydrological time series.
Quality Automation Framework for web, mobileweb, mobile native and rest web-service using Selenium, webdrier, TestNG and Java Jersey
Fast and simple music and audio analysis using RNN in Python 🕵️‍♀️ 🥁
physical memory introspection framework
MSLA/DLP, file analysis, calibration, repair, conversion and manipulation
R package for analyzing single-cell RNA-seq data
A tool to detect code paths leading to Rust's panic handler
Go Ethereum Code Analysis
No description or website provided.
A collection of types & functions definitions useful for Objective-C binaries analysis.
Open Source Analytics & Visualisation Software for Inertial Measurement Units
Scikit Hep
Metapackage of Scikit-HEP project data analysis packages for Particle Physics.
Extraction and analysis of telemetry from rocket launch webcasts (from SpaceX and RocketLab)
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