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Reason Graphql Fullstack
Fullstack Reason + GraphQL Todo List App
Re Web
Experimental web framework for ReasonML & OCaml
Klipse is a JavaScript plugin for embedding interactive code snippets in tech blogs.
FP-inspired prelude/standard library for ReasonML projects
🚀Functional, High performance 3D Webgl Engine
Lwt Node
Reason Implementation of Node.js API ✨🏎🚀✨
Rebolt Navigation
Fast and declarative router for Rebolt
Cross-platform asynchronous I/O and system calls
Reason Urql
Reason bindings for Formidable's Universal React Query Library, urql.
A ReasonML/Ocaml library for category theory and abstract algebra
⚡️ High-level, High-performance HTTP(S) Clients/Servers in Reason/OCaml
Bs Fetch
Fetch bindings for BuckleScript
Reasonml Cheat Sheet
A cheat sheet for ReasonML -- WIP
Graphql Ppx
GraphQL language primitives for ReScript/ReasonML written in ReasonML
Add Reason
✨🐢 Dead simple tool for seamlessly integrating ReasonML into existing JavaScript projects.
Fullstack Reason
A demo project that shows a fullstack ReasonML/OCaml app–native binary + webapp
Framework for developing apps in ReasonML
Bs Blabla
BuckleScript `[@bs.blabla]` attributes explained with examples
Bs Loader
📻 Bucklescript loader for Webpack and Jest
Reason Apollo Hooks
Deprecated in favor of
Reason Graphql
GraphQL server in pure Reason (Bucklescript)
React in pure Reason that targets native platforms.
Brisk Reconciler
React.js-like reconciler implemented in OCaml/Reason
A functional language with Reason-like syntax that compiles to Go.
a fast, declarative microrouter for reason-react
Re Tailwind
Brings TailwindCSS to ReasonML
Rescript Recoil
Zero-cost bindings to Facebook's Recoil library
Awesome Reasonml
A collection of awesome things regarding Reason/OCaml ecosystem.
Reason Calculator
A calculator built with Reason and reason-react.
Reason Mode
Emacs major mode for working with ReasonML
99 problems with reason(able) solutions.
Verified React
Automated reasoning for React/ReasonML
Implementing Scott Wlaschin's “Domain Modeling Made Functional” in Rust, Elm, F♯, and ReasonML
Reason Reactify
🚀 Transform a mutable tree into a functional React-like API
typed bidirectional routes for OCaml/ReasonML web applications
Jsoo React
js_of_ocaml bindings for ReactJS. Based on ReasonReact.
Simple, fast & type safe code that leverages the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems
Reason React Native Web Example
Razzle + Reason-React + React-Native-Web. Damn that's a lot of R's.
Ppx bs css
A ppx rewriter for CSS expressions.
A Reason React Tutorial
included code for A ReasonReact Tutorial
Lenses Ppx
PPX to derive GADT lenses for ReasonML
⏰ A simple and customizable timer
Bs Glamor
BuckleScript bindings for glamor
Introduce Reason Example
An example app made with Create React App which introduces a Reason component
Rescript React Update
useReducer with updates and side effects!
Revery Terminal
Barebones terminal emulator built with ReasonML + Revery + libvterm
Styled Components concept for Reason React, only works with bs-react-native for now
dotenv-cli implementation in native ReasonML providing near-instant startup times
🌵A composable static site generator
Gitlab Search
Command line tool to search for contents in GitLab repositories
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