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Open source web application to learn JS stack: React, Material-UI, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose, MongoDB database.
Generator Api
🚀 Yeoman generator for creating RESTful NodeJS APIs, using ES6, Mongoose and Express
Awesome Express
这个仓库主要是收集 Express 好用的中间件、新闻资讯、网站等,这是我在基于Express开发web应用过程中搜集到的一些插件和看到的一些好的内容。
Express App Example
How I structure Express Apps (example repo)
Graphql Rest Proxy
Turn your REST API into GraphQL - A Proxy Server that pipes request from GraphQL to REST with GraphQL DSL, performant nested children, mutations, input types, and more.
React Pwa
An upgradable boilerplate for Progressive web applications (PWA) with server side rendering, build with SEO in mind and achieving max page speed and optimized user experience.
Express Api Es6 Starter
Build APIs with Express.js in no time using ES6/ES7/ESNext goodness.
Light NodeJS rate limiting and response delaying using Redis - including Express middleware.
Angular2 Express Mongoose Gulp Node Typescript
AngularJS 2 (Updated to 4.2.0) Mean Stack application which uses Angular2, Gulp, Express, Node, MongoDB (Mongoose) with Repository Pattern Business Layer
Mern Marketplace
A MERN stack based online marketplace application [Full-Stack React Projects]
Netlify Express
Express.js hosted on Netlify
Internship Lms Frontend
We are in the mission of solving a crisis for a lot of small and medium enterprises, who are trying to recruit interns for their projects. This platform aims to onboard new interns, who have applied to the companies and help them understand the process and make the transition smooth.
CSRF token middleware
Express Es6 Starter
Starter project for creating a MVC express server with MongoDB
Mevn Stack
A Quickstart for building an Express API with a VueJS Admin Portal
A well documented set of tools for building node web applications.
Linkedin Profile Scraper
🕵️‍♂️ LinkedIn profile scraper returning structured profile data in JSON. Works in 2020.
Graceful Server
Tiny (~5k), KISS, dependency-free Node.JS library to make your API more graceful
Typescript-mysql-express-angular-node seed for your next web-app!
Routing Controllers Openapi
Runtime OpenAPI v3 schema generation for routing-controllers.
Hydra Express
A module which wraps Hydra and ExpressJS into a library for building distributed applications - such as microservices
Template React Ssr
Server-side rendering template using express and react 16
Cognito Express
Authenticates API requests on a Node application by verifying the JWT signature of AccessToken or IDToken generated by Amazon Cognito.
Express Graphql Typescript Boilerplate
A starter kit for building amazing GraphQL API's with TypeScript and express by @w3tecch
Next Apollo Auth
Authentication Boilerplate with Next.js and Apollo GraphQL
Netflix Clone
Netflix like full-stack application with SPA client and backend implemented in service oriented architecture
Axion Technologies Hnh
Hotter’n Hell Hundred is the largest one hundred mile cycling events in the United States and the world. Held in Wichita Falls, TX, this event brings thousands of registrants within the city limits, resulting in a spike in revenue throughout local businesses, restaurants, and hotels, and overall for the city of Wichita Falls. There are several sub-events within the Hotter’n Hell Hundred, such as different races, dining events, consumer shows and a medical symposium. The proposed Hotter’n Hell Hundred mobile application serves as the ultimate source of information for the events, enabling users to quickly register for events and explore local places. In addition, the mobile application allows users to navigate through race during the event, tracking their speed, nearby rest stops, alternate routes, and finish line, ensuring the best possible experience during their stay in Wichita Falls.
Corporate Bs Generator Api
Corporate Bullshit(BuzzWord) Generator API
Mean Blog
Blog using Nodejs, Expressjs, Angularjs and Mongodb. MEAN Javascript Fullstack application
Azure Function Express
⚡️Allows Express.js usage with Azure Functions
This is the repository for my course, Building a Website with Node.js and Express.js on LinkedIn Learning and
⚡ Simple framework for easily creating dashboards to display metrics ⚡
🛒 Building an e-commerce application with the MEAN stack
Express Oas Generator
OpenAPI (Swagger) specification generator for ExpressJS applications
Pure Http
✨ The simple web framework for Node.js with zero dependencies.
Nodejs Rest Api Project Structure Express
Nodejs project structure practices for building RESTful APIs using Express framework and MongoDB.
React Express Starter
A starter kit for React applications with a back end server all in the same project
Express Env Example
A sample express environment that is well architected for scale. Read about it here:
Fraternate is a standalone copy of the GitHub organization and user interaction framework. Built with Mongo dB | Node.js® | Express.js | Handlebars.js | Bootstrap.
ThisMyPC provides a neat web interface that can be used for browsing your desktop drives from any device in your browser itself. With the help of NodeJs, the file details are displayed in JSON format that can then we easily displayed in web browsers.
njsscan is a semantic aware SAST tool that can find insecure code patterns in your Node.js applications.
Cookie Parser
Parse HTTP request cookies
Openrank Backend
Free and Open Source Coding Challenges Platform
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