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Apollo 11
Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.
Graphql Shield
🛡 A GraphQL tool to ease the creation of permission layer.
Spring Cloud Shop
spring cloud 版分布式电商项目,全力打造顶级多模块,高可用,高扩展电商项目
Prisma Tools
Prisma tools to help you generate CRUD system for GraphQL servers
⚡️[NOT MAINTAINED] Content Management Framework creates custom CMS fast and easy. Support data sources such as Firebase/Firestore, GraphQL and Restful APIs.
Modern Graphql Tutorial
📖 A simple and easy GraphQL tutorial to get started with GraphQL.
Plugin Graphql
Vuex ORM persistence plugin to sync the store against a GraphQL API.
React Native Fullstack Graphql
🚀 Starter projects for mobile applications based on React Native & GraphQL.
Next Ecommerce
⚡️ Quantum Ecommerce. Made with Next.js | GraphQL | Apollo Server | Apollo Client | SSR
Next React Graphql Apollo Hooks
React, Apollo, Next.js, GraphQL, Node.js, TypeScript high performance boilerplate with React hooks GraphQL implementation and automatic static type generation
Fullstack Boilerplate
Fullstack boilerplate using Typescript, React, GraphQL
Apollo perception ros
Object detection / tracking / fusion based on Apollo r3.0.0 perception module in ROS
React Auth App Example
An app example with authentication using Create React App, React, React Router, Apollo, GraphQL, Redux and Redux Form.
Apollo Cache Redux
Redux cache for Apollo Client 2.0. This project is no longer maintained.
React Apollo Form
Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs.
⚡ RAN! React . GraphQL . Next.js Toolkit ⚡ - SEO-Ready, Production-Ready, SSR, Hot-Reload, CSS-in-JS, Caching, CLI commands and more...
SQL DataSource for Apollo GraphQL projects
An elegant Go client for Ctrip Apollo
The "nearly invisible" way to server-render React applications
Ddp Apollo
DDP link for Apollo with GraphQL Subscriptions support
Graphql Rails Blog
Blog App built with Rails 5, React and GraphQL
Next Apollo Auth
Authentication Boilerplate with Next.js and Apollo GraphQL
Portara directive is a rate limiter / throttler for GraphQL
Public infos and issues about React Conf Brasil organization
🌎 Public GraphQL API for information about countries
Next Graphql Blog
🖊 A Blog including a server and a client. Server is built with Node, Express & a customized GraphQL-yoga server. Client is built with React, Next js & Apollo client.
Universal React+GraphQL starter kit: React 16, Apollo 2, MobX, Emotion, Webpack 4, GraphQL Code Generator, React Router 4, PostCSS, SSR
Apollo Php Client
Graphql Directive
Use custom directives in your GraphQL schema and queries 🎩
Java Apollo
Reason Apollo Hooks
Deprecated in favor of
Write Once, Render Anywhere. typescript libraries: cache-persist, apollo-offline, relay-offline, offline-first, apollo-cache, relay-store, netinfo, detect-network
Graphql Cli
📟 Command line tool for common GraphQL development workflows
Join Monster Graphql Tools Adapter
Use Join Monster to fetch your data with Apollo Server.
Apollo Universal Starter Kit
Apollo Universal Starter Kit is an SEO-friendly, fully-configured, modular starter application that helps developers to streamline web, server, and mobile development with cutting-edge technologies and ultimate code reuse.
Awesome Apollo Graphql
A curated list of amazingly awesome things regarding Apollo GraphQL ecosystem 🌟
✨Let's contribute to OSS. Here is how to find good first issues in GitHub. "goofi" is an abbreviation of "good first issues".
React Graphql Github Apollo
🚀 A React + Apollo + GraphQL GitHub Client. Your opportunity to learn about these technologies in a real world application.
Universal React Apollo Example
Universal React Apollo App (GraphQL) consuming:!
JavaScript tools and applications that interact with Livepeer's smart contracts and peer-to-peer network
React Apollo Graphql Github Example
Apollo React example for Github GraphQL API
🌈An enhanced version of asp.netcore,Support for netcore3.1
Create Apollo App
Create Apollo App is a command-line tool designed to generate fully-configured starter Apollo GraphQL projects with essential dependencies for developing web, server and mobile applications and zero build configuration.
Apollo Link
🔗 Interface for fetching and modifying control flow of GraphQL requests
📖 The GraphQL Guide website
Highly Extensible, Declarative Static Site Generator
Handsup React
HandsUp 🙌 - Make your events more interactive
React Fullstack Graphql
Starter projects for fullstack applications based on React & GraphQL.
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