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LD_PRELOAD Linux rootkit (x86 & ARM)
Fullstack Symfony CMS: The perfect mix between a framework and a CMS
Vue Dynamic Form Component
Vue dynamic nested form component, support nested Object/Hashmap/Array. Vue动态多级表单组件,支持嵌套对象/Hashmap/数组。
Json Flatfile Datastore
Simple JSON flat file data store with support for typed and dynamic data.
Progress dialog
A light weight library to easily manage a progress dialog with simple steps whenever you need to do it. You can easily show and hide it.
💻 Console application for creating dynamic wallpapers for macOS Mojave and newer
Easy to use lightweight web crawler(易用的轻量化网络爬虫)
The C# REST Client - the only REST/ HTTP Client you will ever need
Dynamic walls App
🌘 The Dynamic_Walls scripts replicating macOS Mojave's dynamic wallpaper feature combined into an app
Dynamic Antd Theme
🌈 A simple plugin to dynamic change ant-design theme whether less or css.
Implementation of Dynamic ReLU on Pytorch
Vecty lets you build responsive and dynamic web frontends in Go using WebAssembly, competing with modern web frameworks like React & VueJS.
🎀 SuperTextView for Android 是一个在TextView的基础上扩展了几种动画效果的控件。
load and run golang code at runtime.
A dynamic Web Map tile server
A Simple Blog Powered by Flask
Desktop that changes based on weather & time
Require Vuejs
RequireJS plugin to async and dynamic load and parse .vue components
Ultimate Java Resources
Java programming. All in one Java Resource for learning. Updated every day and up to date. All Algorithms and DS along with Development in Java. Beginner to Advanced. Join the Discord link.
React Native Wormhole
⚛️ 🌌 Inter-dimensional Portals for React Native. 👽 🖖
Webpack Require From
Webpack plugin that allows to configure path or URL for fetching dynamic imports
Audio DSP effects build on Android system framework layer. This is a repository contains a pack of high quality DSP algorithms specialized for audio processing.
Efficient Spiking Neural Network framework, built on top of PyTorch for GPU acceleration
An UITreeView implementation from UITableView that Apple missed in its UIKit framework. And it is in pure Swift.
An Objective-C simulator written in Swift.
Android Plugin Framework
Plasma5 Wallpapers Dynamic
Dynamic wallpaper plugin for KDE Plasma
Scheme based powerful lisp interpreter written in JavaScript
Dynamic control over vector drawables!
The ultimate spinning wheel view that supports dynamic content and rich customization.
Angular Cms
An flexiable, extendable, modular, single CMS app based on Angular, Express, MongoDB
Lazy Compile Webpack Plugin
Boost webpack startup time by lazily compiling dynamic imports
Vue Table Dynamic
🎉 A dynamic table with sorting, filtering, editing, pagination, multiple select, etc.
OWASP D4N155 - Intelligent and dynamic wordlist using OSINT
Homebridge Fritz Platform
AiO Homebridge dynamic platform plugin for AVM hardware like Fritz!Box, Fritz!Repeater etc.
Android Library to dynamically change color of drawable.
Ngx Dynamic Form Builder
FormBuilder + class-transformer + class-validator = dynamic form group builder for Angular10+
React Anime
✨ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ A super easy animation library for React!
Lightweight dynamic memory manager library for embedded systems with memory constraints. It implements malloc, calloc, realloc and free functions
A rusty dynamically typed scripting language
✭ 1,289
A simple spring animation (support library v25.3.0+) example android app
Docker Nginx Image Proxy
on the fly image cropping with gravity, resize and compression microservice
Multi-device OpenCL kernel load balancer and pipeliner API for C#. Uses shared-distributed memory model to keep GPUs updated fast while using same kernel on all devices(for simplicity).
a new web framework, an entire platform really, designed from the ground up to handle complex things easily. Put the power of an entire Operating System at your fingertips.
A Generic Low-Code Framework Built on a Config-Driven Tree Walker
🔥🔥Qigsaw ['tʃɪɡsɔ] is a dynamic modularization library which is based on Android App Bundles(Do not need Google Play Service). It supports dynamic delivery for split APKs without reinstalling the base one.
Frost Dev
Fast Robot Optimization and Simulation Toolkit (FROST)
Console Based Projects C
All projects are console based💻 and developed using C📚.All projects are dynamic and developed with the concept of Advance data structure 📁(Dynamic memory allocation,Linkedlist,Stack,Queue,Tree)✏️
Dynamic Datasource Starter
springboot 动态切换数据的基本思想与实现方法
Generates dynamic rope setup from spline. c4d python plugin.
Dyci Main
Dynamic Code Injection Tool for Objective-C
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