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✊🏽 A comunidade de programação da periferia
Vimdoc Ja
A project which translate Vim documents into Japanese.
First Timers Bot
A friendly bot that helps onboarding new Open Source Contributors
This is a universal library that contains everything we need to know about the Xamarin universe. This is an open-source project from the community to the community.
A curated list of startpages for your browser.
A social network of lifelong learners built around humanity's universal learning map.
🏠 PHPDish is a powerful forum system written in PHP. It is based on the Symfony PHP Framework.
Official Repository for InstantCMS 2.x
Valorize Vidas
Sistema de prevenção ao suicídio
A web application to manage complex group hierarchies with members, events and a lot more.
A respectful and ethical time manager.
🎶 一款用 Java 实现的现代化社区(论坛/BBS/社交网络/博客)平台。
Vanilla is a powerfully simple discussion forum you can easily customize to make as unique as your community.
Ru Local Communities
Список русскоязычных it-комьюнити по городам
Learnosm content, Jekyll layouts & issue tracking. This repository is dedicated to helping people learn how to map in OpenStreetMap (OSM) and use many of the software and tools in the OSM community.
Jvm Bloggers
JVM Bloggers - website and newsletter with JVM blogs from Poland
Devops Patch
A Patch for Dev-Ops community
Chef's community platform
Awesome Community
A curated list of awesome programming, development, technical support and discussion channels, groups, communities, resources and other shiny things
💻🔥CLI to generate the recommended documentation/files to improve contribution (Github, Gitlab, CodeCommit and Bitbucket)
Open Source Meetup Alternatives
Open-Source Alternatives to Meetup
📖 Community driven web development tutorials
Central repository for issues and recipes
Hospitality for Hackers
L'Air du Bois is a Community Driven Woodworkers Sharing Platform.
Rust lang cn
China Community for Rust lang
Women In Technology
A collection of resources for women in tech, consisting of - courses, learning guides, amazing sites and repos, blogs, programs and events. scholarships, etc.
🏫 Hack Club is a nonprofit network of computer science clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects
Gophercon Talks
Golang Korea 발표 자료 저장소
Carbon Web Components
Carbon Design System variant on top of Web Components
Community Project Ideas
Catalog of all the ideas/tutorials for project based learning!
✭ 163
Join opengenus
Welcome to the OpenGenus Community ! 🉑 Do join our Internship program: 🚶‍♀️ .
The developer community designing and developing public digital services in Italy
We are an aggregator of content from Xamarin Community members. Why subscribe individually when you can subscribe to one convenient RSS feed, to see all the content generated by the community members in you news reader.
Graphing communities on in a visually intuitive way
Comunidades Vue.js ao redor do Brasil
Book Open Source Tips
Open Source book on Open Source Tips
The Community Portal.
A forum application running on ASP.NET Core, available in six languages.
Information on joining the government community — a collaborative community for sharing best practices in furtherance of open source, open data, and open government efforts.
A collection set of technical groups' information (meetup).
开发者社区,论坛(Spring+Spring MVC+MyBatis )
Bay area tech meetups
iOS, Android, web, hardware, name it, there's a meetup for you!
Official Function and Template Store for OpenFaaS
Gosora is an ultra-fast and secure forum software written in Go that balances usability with functionality.
🌟 一个分布式的内容分享讨论社区,星星之火可以燎原。
ElkArte Forum. A free, open source, PHP-based discussion forum.
Open social
Open Social install profile Drupal 8
HACS gives you a powerful UI to handle downloads of all your custom needs.
Elm Jobs
Discuss and post jobs for Elm
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