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Top 93 webaudio open source projects

Videojs Wavesurfer
video.js plugin that adds a navigable waveform for audio and video files
A drums looper made with React and the WebAudio API
🎸🎨 DJ and VJ all by yourself in seconds !
Babylon.js is a powerful, beautiful, simple, and open game and rendering engine packed into a friendly JavaScript framework.
Pixi Sound
WebAudio API playback library, with filters. Modern audio playback for modern browsers.
Audioworklet Polyfill
🔊 Polyfill AudioWorklet using the legacy ScriptProcessor API.
A friendly music sequencer built with web technology
An interface for the Web Audio API with a Flash shim for older browsers
Twigl is an online editor for One tweet shader, with gif generator and sound shader, and broadcast live coding.
Guitar Tuner
Browser-based guitar tuner
Nes Rust
NES emulator written in Rust + WASM
Online tuner based on web audio api
Cordova Plugin Audioinput
This iOS/Android Cordova/PhoneGap plugin enables audio capture from the device microphone, by in near real-time forwarding audio to the web layer of your application. A typical usage scenario for this plugin would be to use the captured audio as source for a web audio node chain, where it then can be analyzed, manipulated and/or played.
Quiet Js
Transmit data with sound using Web Audio -- Javascript binding for libquiet
Nes Js
JavaScript NES(Famicom) emulator
Web Audio API Library for Synthesizer, Effects, Visualization, Multi-Track Recording, Audio Streaming, Visual Audio Sprite ...
React Audio Recorder
A React Component using the Web Audio API to record, save, and play audio.
Web Drum Sequencer
A drum machine and sequencer built with the Web Audio API, React, and Redux.
HTML5 Granular Synthesiser
Js Rocks
JS Rocks - Web Audio electric guitar effects and cabinets
Polyrhythmic Sequencer library for Web Audio API.
Nokia Composer
Nokia Composer in 512 bytes
Omg Music
Music making, remixing, and collaborating tools for the web
This is a library for declarative use of Web Audio API with Angular
🎼 HTML5/WebAudio multi-track functional harmony analysis and songwriting app! --
Videojs Record
video.js plugin for recording audio/video/image files
A collaborative web based music creation tool based on the Tracker heritage.
Sonorous streamlines working with web audio, enabling easy audio integration into web apps and games.
Dattorro Reverb in WebAudio AudioWorklet
Gs Wa Components
The audio code behind the GridSound's DAW
Poly Synth
Polyphonic Web Audio Synth - Demo:
Webaudio Wav Stream Player
instantly play remote wav streams using fetch API + WebAudio
C++ Audio Plug-in Framework for desktop, mobile and web [PRE-RELEASE]
Make music in your browser with this synthesizer and sequencer
Waveform Playlist
Multitrack Web Audio editor and player with canvas waveform preview. Set cues, fades and shift multiple tracks in time. Record audio tracks or provide audio annotations. Export your mix to AudioBuffer or WAV! Project inspired by Audacity.
GridSound (0.33.0) wants to be an open source online digital audio workstation following the new WebAudio API 🎛🎹🎵✨
Spatial Audio Rendering on the web.
Webbased old-school Amiga music tracker in plain old javascript - Plays and edits Amiga Mod files and FastTracker XM files
Awesome Webaudio
A curated list of awesome WebAudio packages and resources.
Webaudio Examples
Code examples that accompany the MDN Web Audio documentation
✭ 589
Io 808
An attempt at a fully recreated web-based TR-808 drum machine.
Jsnes Web
A browser UI for JSNES, a JavaScript NES emulator
Awesome Webrtc
A curated list of awesome WebRTC modules and resources.
A lightweight 3D game engine for the web.
MIDI library for Node.js and web-browsers
Virtual Audio Graph
🎶 Library for declaratively manipulating the Web Audio API
JavaScript library for music/audio analysis and processing powered by Essentia WebAssembly
Vult is a transcompiler well suited to write high-performance DSP code
Vult is a transcompiler well suited to write high-performance DSP code
A code driven synth for the browser
A JavaScript library for playing MIDI (Standard MIDI File) on Web.
Web Audio API programming/debugging suite
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