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p5.js is a client-side JS platform that empowers artists, designers, students, and anyone to learn to code and express themselves creatively on the web. It is based on the core principles of Processing. —
Run GUI applications and desktops in docker and podman containers. Focus on security.
Pygame Menu
Menu for pygame. Simple, lightweight and easy to use
Indicator Sound Switcher
Sound input/output selector indicator for Linux
Godot Mixing Desk
A complete audio solution for Godot 3.2.x, making procedural sound and adaptive/procedural music possible with a few nodes and a couple lines of code.
A drums looper made with React and the WebAudio API
mimium (MInimal Musical medIUM) a programming language as an infrastructure for sound and music.
A library for playing sounds and providing haptic feedback with ease.
Jekyll Spaceship
🚀 A Jekyll plugin to provide powerful supports for table, mathjax, plantuml, mermaid, emoji, video, audio, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, soundcloud, spotify, etc.
Ableton Live Tools
A collection of useful additions to @Ableton Live, including better @Git integration.
A Ruby gem for reading and writing sound files in Wave format (*.wav)
X3daudio1 7 hrtf
HRTF for Arma 3, Skyrim, and other titles that use XAudio2 + X3DAudio
Libvlc Go
Go bindings for libVLC and high-level media player interface
Sound Open Firmware
Akwf Free
Adventure Kid Wave Forms are a collection of sampled one cycle waveforms for use in synthesizers or similar sound generators.
A Scala sound synthesis library based on SuperCollider. Mirror of
Torch Audiomentations
Fast audio data augmentation in PyTorch. Inspired by audiomentations. Useful for deep learning.
A simple yet powerful JavaScript library for working with Web Audio
Vuejs Sound Player
▶️ 🎹 🎵 HTML5 <audio> tag sound player UI for Vue.js - supports single, loop, pause/stop modes etc
Ni Media
NI Media is a C++ library for reading and writing audio streams.
Img Encode
Encode an image to sound and view it as a spectrogram - turn your images into music
Sonant X
Small JavaScript synthesizer library
Play Sound
Play sounds by shelling out to one of the available audio players.
Turn an image into sound whose spectrogram looks like the image.
Free clone of - a multiple-file markdown editor, ambient sounds and uncluttered interface
Eazy Sound Manager
Eazy Sound Manager is a simple Unity3D tool which aims to make sound and music management in games easier
Overview of the electric guitar's parts specs
Tetris in C and NCURSES.
A minimal beat machine played in the browser.
Trivial Gamekit
Simple framework for making 2D games
I Simpa
An Open Source software for 3D sound propagation modelling
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Animated music editor in Clojurescript/re-frame
Sounds Webpack Plugin
🔊Notify or errors, warnings, etc with sounds
Selectric Mode
⌨ Make your Emacs sound like a proper typewriter.
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Generate WaveForms Images from Sounds and Videos on macOS and iOS (Swift 5.x)
[abandoned] C99 cross-platform 3D game engine with absolute minimum of external dependencies
🔊 A Vue composable for playing sound effects
Simple Sdl2 Audio
A simple SDL2 audio library without SDL_Mixer for playing music and multiple sounds natively in SDL2
Web Audio DAW. Use the Web Audio API for dynamic sound synthesis. It's like jQuery for your ears.
A sound fader for AVAudioPlayer written in Swift for iOS, tvOS and macOS.
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React Native Sound Recorder
Simplest Sound Recorder for React Native
Processing Sound
Audio library for Processing built with JSyn
My Appdaemon
My apps, my helpfiles, all about AppDaemon for Home Assistant
Library to simplify the way you create and manipulate sounds with the Web Audio API.
AudioKit Synth One: Open-Source iOS Synthesizer App
The platform-neutral Beatnik Audio Engine, Mini Edition (miniBAE) is an exceptionally mature, well-rounded, and reliable computer music and sound system specially customized for small-footprint and embedded applications.
Inner ear models for Python
Real-time voice-changer for voice-chat, etc. Will support many different voice-filters and features in the future. 🎵
Soundable allows you to play sounds, single and in sequence, in a very easy way
Odas web
A desktop visualization GUI for the ODAS library
C# application to switch default playing device. Download:
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