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🎵 Create Spotify playlists based on one artist through the command line
🎧 Convert Anything to a Spotify Playlist!
🎵 A simple audio player for Android applications.
Fully managed, portable and easy-to-use C# library to read and edit audio data and metadata (tags) from various audio formats, playlists and CUE sheets
Audio Player for Nextcloud and ownCloud
🎧 Design fresh album cover for your Spotify playlists
Mpv Playlistmanager
Mpv lua script to create and manage playlists
Create an offline music playlist from a single song 🎶
Beijing Iptv
Favesound Redux
🎶 A SoundCloud Client in React + Redux running in production. Live Demo and Source Code to explore React + Redux as a beginner.
Node module to download and convert in MP3 with tags an online video
Node Ytpl
Anonymous YouTube playlist resolver.
🎶 Music lovers, rejoice.
Media Playlist Service With Notification and Remote View Support
Make YouTube a little bit smoother
FreeIPTV • Watch Free IPTV World Wide
Videojs Playlist
A plugin to play multiple audio tracks or multiple videos.
🎶 A Discord music bot that's easy to set up and run yourself!
Portable, independent, web-based, simple streaming YouTube video queues and playlists for music videos, audiobooks, etc.
Youtube In Background
YiB is an Android app, which extracts audio from YouTube videos and plays them in background.
Scrape Youtube
A lightning fast package to scrape YouTube search results. This was made and optimized for Discord Bots.
Copy your iTunes library, automatically converting Apple Lossless to flac, to a destination for use with your Tesla Model S
Collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world
Itunes smartplaylist
iTunes Smart playlist parser with Python. Convert to Kodi xsp smart playlists.
Waveform Playlist
Multitrack Web Audio editor and player with canvas waveform preview. Set cues, fades and shift multiple tracks in time. Record audio tracks or provide audio annotations. Export your mix to AudioBuffer or WAV! Project inspired by Audacity.
Alexa prompts the user how his/her day is going, then depending on the sentiment expressed by the user, it produces a list of regularly-updated Spotify playlists tailored to his/her mood
Free legally receivable IPTV channels as .m3u for Kodi. :-)
Spotify Dl
Downloads songs from your Spotify Playlist
Flutter Assetsaudioplayer
Play simultaneously music/audio from assets/network/file directly from Flutter, compatible with android / ios / web / macos, displays notifications
Implemented using Clean Arch, MVVM, LiveData, Room, Koin, Coil, Service, Notification and ExoPlayer
Advanced Musicbot for Teamspeak 3
A spotify clone made in Swift 4 consuming the Spotify API
🔥 YouTube playlist player for desktop. Free, no YouTube ads, floating window. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
[WIP] Simple music player for macOS written in Swift
WordPress - Playlist shortcode with external audio or video files. Wrapper for the native playlist in WordPress.
ABANDONED - A tool that allows to filter specific items from an m3u filter designed for IPTV.
Convert your favorite 163 music playlist to Spotify
A clustered video stream is an AWS architecture that increases the quality and reliability of live events by providing seamless regional failover capabilities for live video steams. Operators can monitor the status of the clustered stream from a single pane of glass and dynamically control from which region the stream consumed by a player origin…
🎶 A Cordova plugin for Android and iOS with native support for audio playlists, background support, and lock screen controls 🎶
A collection of private IPtv list as well as Third-party IPtv list. (not updated anymore)
smotreshka-ripper playlist maker
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