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Webxr Polyfill
Use the WebXR Device API today, providing fallbacks to native WebVR 1.1 and Cardboard
Openxr Sdk Source
Sources for OpenXR loader, basic API layers, and example code.
This Unity plugin makes the HoloLens video camera frames available to a Unity app in real time. This enables Unity devs to easily use the HoloLens camera for computer vision (or anything they want).
Webar Article
WebAR-Article is a responsive and information rich website that is progressively enhanced with Augmented Reality content exposed through experimental web technologies.
Simple Webxr Unity
⭐ Bringing WebXR to Unity 3D with 3 files ! B-)
Wikitude Cordova Plugin
Wikitude's Augmented Reality Plugin for Cordova - working together with the Wikitude SDK library for Android and iOS. Provides image recognition and tracking, geo-based augmente reality and 3D rendering and animations in an augmented reality scene
An easy-to-use mixed reality library for building HoloLens and VR applications with C# and OpenXR!
A mixed reality testing environment for real-time global illumination algorithms
A 3D Graphics Framework built on Apple's Metal
Image tracking, Location Based AR, Marker tracking. All on the Web.
Ar Toolbox
🧰 ARCore & Sceneform Playground
Repository for the WebXR Device API Specification.
Playcanvas Ar
Fast and Easy Augmented Reality for the Web 🚀
Augmented reality
💎 "Marker-less Augmented Reality" with OpenCV and OpenGL.
Augmented reality social network, an underworld of discussion and information to every street.
Arkit Web
An experimental iOS app for rapidly prototyping ARKit experiences with WebGL.
NextLevel was initally a weekend project that has now grown into a open community of camera platform enthusists. The software provides foundational components for managing media recording, camera interface customization, gestural interaction customization, and image streaming on iOS. The same capabilities can also be found in apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine.
Javascript/WebGL lightweight face tracking library designed for augmented reality webcam filters. Features : multiple faces detection, rotation, mouth opening. Various integration examples are provided (Three.js, Babylon.js, FaceSwap, Canvas2D, CSS3D...).
Bring augmented reality to Unity by tracking Aruco markers in real time.
Mrlightingtools Unity
A Unity library and MRTK extension for estimating and replicating the current environment's lighting on Mixed Reality devices.
An authoring platform to build Web Augmented Reality experiences, without coding knowledge
JavaScript/WebGL glasses virtual try on widget. Real time webcam experience, robust to all lighting conditions, high end 3D PBR rendering, easy to integrate, fallback to server-side rendering
Arkit Unity3d
Access ARKit features like world-tracking, live video rendering, plane estimation and updates, hit-testing API, ambient light estimation, and raw point cloud data.
A marker based Augmented Reality library for Three.js
Augmented Reality classes that track and displays the sun position on the screen, available on Cocoapods
Wwdc Recap
A collection of session summaries in markdown format, from WWDC 20, 19 & 17
Arkit Floorislava
Basic ARKit example that detects planes and makes them lava.
Geomapping With Unity Mapbox
Geomap is the virtualization of data that maps a Country. Mapbox Unity SDK gives data(Global map layers of Streets, Buildings, Elev, and Satellite) generating custom 3D worlds for Mobile VR/AR apps.
Coreml In Arkit
Simple project to detect objects and display 3D labels above them in AR. This serves as a basic Template for an ARKit project to use CoreML.
Aruco Markers
Working examples/tutorial for detection and pose estimation of ArUco markers with C++
Xr Unity
8th Wall XR Unity projects and resources. Feel free to contribute!
Nativescript Ar
Augmented Reality NativeScript plugin
Awesome Arcore
A curated list of awesome ARCore projects and resources. Feel free to contribute!
Robust Fiducial Markers for Augmented Reality And Robotics
Arkit 2 Image Tracking Demo
iOS 12 + ARKit 2 + Image tracking means: Harry Potter style moving pictures, living movie posters, video postcards, paper-thin “displays,” and lots more augmented reality fun.
Prototype of a real-time visualization tool for ARKit sessions
Collaborative Visualization and Simulation Environment, OpenCOVER and OddLOT
Objectron is a dataset of short, object-centric video clips. In addition, the videos also contain AR session metadata including camera poses, sparse point-clouds and planes. In each video, the camera moves around and above the object and captures it from different views. Each object is annotated with a 3D bounding box. The 3D bounding box describes the object’s position, orientation, and dimensions. The dataset contains about 15K annotated video clips and 4M annotated images in the following categories: bikes, books, bottles, cameras, cereal boxes, chairs, cups, laptops, and shoes
Ar Alphabets
Augmented Reality on Web (Web AR) for Kids to learn Alphabets with fun. AR on all Mobile Devices
Sketch By Phone
A proof-of-concept of Augmented Reality with HTML5
Eval Vislam
Toolkit for VI-SLAM evaluation.
A game inspired by Pokemon Go build with ARKit and SpriteKit
Webxr Input Profiles
WebXR Gamepad assets, source library, and schema
STag: A Stable Fiducial Marker System
An Augmented reality experience to explore planets in our Solar System
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