Top 227 cplusplus open source projects

1. Hyde
A front-end to Jekyll that parses C++ sources to produce and enforce out-of-line documentation
3. Trafodion
Apache Trafodion
4. Elfio
ELFIO - ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) reader and producer implemented as a header only C++ library
5. Computecpp Sdk
Collection of samples and utilities for using ComputeCpp, Codeplay's SYCL implementation
7. Mason
Cross platform package manager for C/C++ apps
CppAst is a .NET library providing a C/C++ parser for header files powered by Clang/libclang with access to the full AST, comments and macros
9. Clang Tutor
A collection of out-of-tree Clang plugins for teaching and learning
10. Array
contiguous container library - arrays with customizable allocation, small buffer optimization and more
11. Liblas
C++ library and programs for reading and writing ASPRS LAS format with LiDAR data
12. Json
A C++11 or library for parsing and serializing JSON to and from a DOM container in memory.
15. Kcgi
minimal CGI and FastCGI library for C/C++
17. Timemory
Modular C++ Toolkit for Performance Analysis and Logging. Profiling API and Tools for C, C++, CUDA, Fortran, and Python. The C++ template API is essentially a framework to creating tools: it is designed to provide a unifying interface for recording various performance measurements alongside data logging and interfaces to other tools.
19. Tdameritradeapi
Front-end library - with C, C++, Python, and Java interfaces - for the recently expanded TDAmeritrade API
20. Mwengine
Audio engine and DSP for Android, written in C++ providing low latency performance in a musical context, supporting both OpenSL and AAudio.
21. Rapidyaml
Rapid YAML - a library to parse and emit YAML, and do it fast.
23. Geonkick
A free software percussion synthesizer for GNU/Linux
24. Qtwidgetsexamples
✭ 187
25. Build
B2 makes it easy to build C++ projects, everywhere.
26. Phantomstyle
Cross-platform QStyle for traditionalists
28. Xpcc
DEPRECATED, use our successor library instead
29. Qxorm
QxOrm library - C++ Qt ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and ODM (Object Document Mapper) library - Official repository
30. 02 bullcowgame
A simple word game designed to teach the basics of C++ and project / solution management. (ref:BC_URC)
31. 04 battletank
An open-world head-to-head tank fight with simple AI, terrain, and advanced control system in Unreal 4. (ref: BT_URC)
33. Sobjectizer
An implementation of Actor, Publish-Subscribe, and CSP models in one rather small C++ framework. With performance, quality, and stability proved by years in the production.
34. Webcc
Lightweight C++ HTTP client and server library based on Asio for embedding purpose.
35. Dublin Traceroute
Dublin Traceroute is a NAT-aware multipath tracerouting tool
36. Winlamb
A lightweight modern C++11 library for Win32 API, using lambdas to handle Windows messages.
37. Isobmff
C++ Library for ISO/IEC 14496-12 - ISO Base Media File Format (QuickTime, MPEG-4, HEIF, etc)
38. Cppbase
Boilerplate for a simple CMake-based C++ project
39. Boson
A C++14 framework for asynchronous I/O, cooperative multitasking and green threads scheduling
41. Cubbyflow
Voxel-based fluid simulation engine for computer games
44. Boost Asio Study
Examples and toturials for C++ Boost Asio library.
45. Nanoexpress
Professional backend framework for Node.js
47. Chino Os
A real time operating system for IoT written in C++
48. Sltbench
C++ benchmark tool. Practical, stable and fast performance testing framework.
49. Lex
Replaced by foonathan/lexy
50. L4
L4 (Lock-Free on Read) Hashtable is a C++ library that implements hash table with arbitray byte stream keys/values.
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