Top 82 scripting open source projects

2. Atom
Shell scripting that will knock your socks off
3. Ruby Scripts
A collection of ruby scripts for those who live in the command line
4. Swiftscripting
A list of Swift scripting tools, frameworks & examples
6. Linqpadless
LINQPad Queries without LINQPad
7. Expressionevaluator
A Simple Math and Pseudo C# Expression Evaluator in One C# File. Can also execute small C# like scripts
8. Netprints
Visual programming for .NET inspired by Unreal Engine's Blueprints
9. Mlua
High level Lua 5.4/5.3/5.2/5.1 (including LuaJIT) bindings to Rust with async/await support
11. Duckscript
Simple, extendable and embeddable scripting language.
12. Shell Scripting Tutorial
A complete begineers guide to learn shell scripting from scratch which includes Videos, Practice scenarios and project idea.
13. Adsips
PowerShell module to interact with Active Directory using ADSI and the System.DirectoryServices namespace (.NET Framework)
14. Unitypausemenu
This is an open source Unity pause menu created for the game New Horizons, and it's completely free because of how a pause menu is a core component of a game, while the unity asset store was lacking in such an asset (until this was released on the asset store).
15. Ktsrunner
Library for executing .kts files from regular Kotlin code
16. Scriptisto
A language-agnostic "shebang interpreter" that enables you to write scripts in compiled languages.
17. Awesome Cae
A curated list of awesome CAE frameworks, libraries and software.
18. Sfall
Engine modifications for Fallout 2
19. Swift For Scripting
📋A hand-curated collection of useful and informative Swift Scripting materials.
20. Westwind.razorhosting
Hosting the Razor Runtime outside of ASP.NET/MVC for use in non-Web .NET applications.
22. Bashinator
Bashinator: Bash Shell Script Framework
23. Openimu
Open Source Analytics & Visualisation Software for Inertial Measurement Units
24. Deps.clj
A port of the clojure CLI bash script to Clojure. Can be run as executable or from source with babashka or JVM.
25. Copyq Commands
Useful commands for CopyQ clipboard manager.
26. Orko
Trade on and script multiple crypto exchanges from a single user interface on desktop and mobile. In development.
28. Fontparts
The replacement for RoboFab
30. Sysbox
sysadmin/scripting utilities, distributed as a single binary
31. Shell Conduit
Write shell scripts with Conduit
32. Powershell
PowerShell functions and scripts (Azure, Active Directory, SCCM, SCSM, Exchange, O365, ...)
33. Macos Post Installation
Script d'installation et de configuration d'un Mac
shell power for python
35. Google Trend Wallpaper
A python and shell script to set the wallpaper to a wordcloud of the most trending google searches.
36. Python Scripts
📋 My Python scripts.
37. Goto
Goto is an interpreted programming language written in go.
38. Go Script Bash
Framework for writing modular, discoverable, testable Bash scripts
39. Furl
Interact with HTTP resources using F# scripting
40. Deai
DEsktop Automation Infrastructure
41. Scritch
A small CLI to help you write sharable scripts for your team
42. Fif
Stack-based Programming in Clojure(script)
43. Wrenpp
Minimal, zero dependency C++ binding generator for the Wren programming language
45. Awesome Bash Commands
A curated list of awesome Bash useful commands. Inspired by awesome-shell and bash-handbook.
46. Hermes
C-like scripting language
47. Mun
Source code for the Mun language and runtime.
49. Json Photoshop Scripting
JSON Photoshop Scripting project: alternative way of scripting Photoshop in JavaScript, based on JSON.
50. Shell Examples
Little Bash shell scripting examples
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