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Bus 是一个基础框架、服务套件,它基于Java8编写,参考、借鉴了大量已有框架、组件的设计,可以作为后端服务的开发基础中间件。代码简洁,架构清晰,非常适合学习使用。
Market monitor
💂 market monitor
The Up Banking API Specification
Full Stack Fastapi Couchbase
Full stack, modern web application generator. Using FastAPI, Couchbase as database, Docker, automatic HTTPS and more.
Grpc Swagger
Debugging gRPC application with swagger-ui.
Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.
.NET project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going faster.
Spot is a concise, developer-friendly way to describe your API contract.
moreco 是一个能够为小、中、大型项目提供最合适架构的一条龙生态系统。满足项目从小型到中型至大型的衍变过程。从编码到监控至运维都满足、且各种功能都插件化,支持插件间的切换。支持Spring Boot、Spring Cloud、Axon 无缝升级
Aws Lambda Typescript
This sample uses the Serverless Application Framework to implement an AWS Lambda function in TypeScript, deploy it via CloudFormation, publish it through API Gateway to a custom domain registered on Route53, and document it with Swagger.
Neo4j Movies Template
A Neo4j movies React application with backends in Python/Flask and Node/Express.
Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra
Flask Restplus
Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask
Node Mock Server
File based Node REST API mock server
Openapi Comment Parser
⚓️ JSDoc Comments for the OpenAPI Specification
Openapi Backend
Build, Validate, Route, Authenticate and Mock using OpenAPI
Swagger Bootstrap Ui
Swagger-bootstrap-ui is the Swagger front-end UI implementation, the purpose is to replace the Swagger default UI implementation Swagger-UI, make the document more friendly....
Proto-first minimal server platform for gRPС+REST+Swagger APIs
Openapi Diff
Utility for comparing two OpenAPI specifications.
Openapi Directory
🌐 Wikipedia for Web APIs. Directory of REST API definitions in OpenAPI 2.0/3.x format
Api Development Tools
📚 A collection of useful resources for building RESTful HTTP+JSON APIs.
Fastapi Gino Arq Uvicorn
High-performance Async REST API, in Python. FastAPI + GINO + Arq + Uvicorn (w/ Redis and PostgreSQL).
F# generative Type Provider for Swagger
Openapi Mock
OpenAPI mock server with random data generation
A remote (CQRS) API library for Clojure.
A Swagger to AsciiDoc or Markdown converter to simplify the generation of an up-to-date RESTful API documentation by combining documentation that’s been hand-written with auto-generated API documentation.
Gradle Swagger Generator Plugin
Gradle plugin for OpenAPI YAML validation, code generation and API document publishing
Hapi Openapi
Build design-driven apis with OpenAPI (formerly swagger) 2.0 and hapi.
Swagger Toolbox
💡 Swagger schema model (in yaml, json) generator from json data
Swagger Js
Javascript library to connect to swagger-enabled APIs via browser or nodejs
Swashbuckle自定义修改 汉化 使用jsonedior schema校验
Swagger Node Codegen
An OpenAPI 3.x/Swagger 2 code generator for Node.js
Scriptable, multipurpose mock server.
Swagger Codegen
swagger-codegen contains a template-driven engine to generate documentation, API clients and server stubs in different languages by parsing your OpenAPI / Swagger definition.
Unified Realtime/API framework for .NET platform and Unity.
Api Flow
Universal data structure and converter for API formats (Swagger, RAML, Paw, Postman…)
医院预约挂号微信小程序(Spring Boot、Vue、Uni-app)
Nestjs Template
Scaffold quickly your next TypeScript API with this opinionated NestJS template crafted for Docker environments
Esi Issues
Issue tracking and feature requests for ESI
Spring Cloud Consul Example
spring-cloud-consul-example is an example for microservices system
A library that simplifies OpenAPI (fka Swagger) integrations/tooling.
Spring Boot Plus
🔥 Spring-Boot-Plus is a easy-to-use, high-speed, high-efficient,feature-rich, open source spring boot scaffolding. 🚀
Aiohttp Swagger
Swagger API Documentation builder for aiohttp server
Aiohttp Apispec
Build and document REST APIs with aiohttp and apispec
Raml Dotnet Tools
Visual Studio extension to work with RAML and OAS (OpenAPI) specifications. You can consume REST APIs, scaffold ASP.NET implementations and extract RAML specifications from existing ASP.Net apps.
Js Client
A Open-API derived JS + Node.js API client for Netlify
Openapi Cli
⚒️ OpenAPI 3 CLI toolbox with rich validation and bundling features.
Spring Boot Starter Swagger
自制spring boot starter for swagger 2.x,来试试吧,很好用哦~
Openapi Client Axios
JavaScript client library for consuming OpenAPI-enabled APIs with axios
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