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Mikro Orm
TypeScript ORM for Node.js based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns. Supports MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.
Pubg mobile memory hacking examples
Pubg Mobile Emulator Gameloop Memory Hacking C++ code examples. Ex: Name, Coord, Bones, Weapons, Items, Box, Drop etc.
🦇 Convention-based, fast object mapper.
Moqui Framework
Use Moqui Framework to build enterprise applications based on Java. It includes tools for databases (relational, graph, document), local and web services, web and other UI with screens and forms, security, file/resource access, scripts, templates, l10n, caching, logging, search, rules, workflow, multi-instance, and integration.
A C++14 Entity Component System
Unity HTFramework, a rapid development framework of client to the unity.
A simple and lightweight Entity Component System library for writing games with Clojure and ClojureScript.
Chatbot Watson Android
An Android ChatBot powered by Watson Services - Assistant, Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech on IBM Cloud.
Unity Fastpacedmultiplayer
Features a Networking Framework to be used on top of Unity Networking, in order to implement an Authoritative Server with Lag Compensation, Client-Side Prediction/Server Reconciliation and Entity Interpolation
Tutorial Utilizing Kg
Resources for Tutorial on "Utilizing Knowledge Graphs in Text-centric Information Retrieval"
Simply LINQ your remote resources...
A data-marshaling toolset
A Java/Kotlin library for Android platform, to manage bean's persistence in SQLite, SharedPreferences, JSON, XML, Properties, Yaml, CBOR.
Min nlp practice
Chinese & English Cws Pos Ner Entity Recognition implement using CNN bi-directional lstm and crf model with char embedding.基于字向量的CNN池化双向BiLSTM与CRF模型的网络,可能一体化的完成中文和英文分词,词性标注,实体识别。主要包括原始文本数据,数据转换,训练脚本,预训练模型,可用于序列标注研究.注意:唯一需要实现的逻辑是将用户数据转化为序列模型。分词准确率约为93%,词性标注准确率约为90%,实体标注(在本样本上)约为85%。
🐺 Generate relational schemas, PropTypes, Flow aliases, and TypeScript interfaces from JSON or GraphQL schematic files.
Generator Jhipster Entity Audit
JHipster module to enable entity audit and audit log page
Make it easier to compare and cross-reference the names of companies and people by applying strong normalisation.
Excel Integration with spaCy. Training NER using Excel/XLSX from PDF, DOCX, PPT, PNG or JPG.
Slash Framework
Provides both a low-level implementation of component-based entity systems and Unity3D integration for them.
A plugin to implements entities in pmmp
✭ 67
Postgres schema definition, sql/go, code generation package.
An Android ChatBot powered by IBM Watson Services (Assistant V1, Text-to-Speech, and Speech-to-Text with Speaker Recognition) on IBM Cloud.
Factory Bot
🤖 Provides a fixture factory for doctrine/orm entities.
Laravel Graphql
GraphQL implementation with power of Laravel
Hunt Entity
An object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for D language (Similar to JPA / Doctrine), support PostgreSQL and MySQL.
Ecs Snake
Simple snake game powered by ecs framework.
System.Data.SQLite.EntityFramework.Migrations - Migrations for SQLite Entity Framework provider
SQL generator and result set mapper for Postgres and Kotlin
Joomla Entity
Semantical API for Joomla!
YEDDA: A Lightweight Collaborative Text Span Annotation Tool. Code for ACL 2018 Best Demo Paper Nomination.
Grape Entity
An API focused facade that sits on top of an object model.
Ccks baidu entity link
ccks baidu entity link 实体链接 第一名
🚀Actors is a framework empowering developers to make better games faster on Unity.
[WIP] Experimental C++14 multithreaded compile-time entity-component-system library.
Entity-Component-System (ECS) with a focus on ease-of-use, runtime extensibility and compile-time type safety and clarity.
Ruby persistence framework with entities and repositories
Compose, decouple and manage domain logic and data persistence separately. Works particularly great for composing form objects!
A simple & fluent Android ORM, how can it be easier ? RxJava2 compatible
Cleora AI is a general-purpose model for efficient, scalable learning of stable and inductive entity embeddings for heterogeneous relational data.
Lovelace Multiple Entity Row
Show multiple entity states and attributes on entity rows in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI
Gstore Node
Google Datastore Entities Modeling for Node.js
Single repo demo project using GoFrame.
2个类,实现类ActiveRecord,无需写Mapper, mybatis增强
The NPC plugin for PocketMine-MP
pubg mobile memory hacking
Pubg Mobile Emulator Gameloop Memory Hacking C++ Source Code. Ex: Name, Cords, Bones, Weapons, Items, Box, Drop, Aimbot etc.
Powershell module to access Microsoft Azure Machine learning RESTful API's or Microsoft cognitive services
🐺 Rich Nextras\ORM entity generator for fast prototyping your new project.
[DEPRECATED] integrated ECS framework for Unity
Microsoft Access (Jet) Entity Framework provider
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