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Gradle License Plugin
Gradle plugin that provides a task to generate a HTML license report of your project.
Jest Html Reporters
🌈 Reporter for jest test framework. 🌈
Jest Html Reporter
Jest test results processor for generating a summary in HTML
Jest Stare
Jest HTML Reporter and Results Processor
Robotframework Metrics
Generation of metrics report based on robotframework output.xml
Nozzle is a report generation toolkit for data analysis pipelines implemented in R.
Protractor Pretty Html Reporter
A jasmine reporter that produces an easy to use html report to analyze protractor test results.
Psi Report
Crawls a website, gets PageSpeed Insights data for each page, and exports an HTML report.
Xcode-like HTML report for Unit and UI Tests
Cucumber Reporting
HTML reports for Cucumber
Open source security auditing tool to search and dump system configuration. It allows you to generate reports in HTML or RAW-HTML formats.
R Package to Quickly and Neatly Summarize Data
Interactive reports to analyze machine learning models during validation or production monitoring.
Generate a HTML report for Yarn Audit
Python package used for generating HTML reports about the contents of Esri geodatabases.
wbs markdown
Generate a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) report from a markdown file. A tool that improves software development estimates.
Test Suites for Validating ML Models & Data. Deepchecks is a Python package for comprehensively validating your machine learning models and data with minimal effort.
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