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Angular2 Adminlte
DEPRECATED An Angular 4 version of the AdminLTE theme
Sphero Ios Sdk
🚫 DEPRECATED: Sphero™ is the amazing robotic ball ( ) created by Orbotix, this is the repository for the iOS SDK for Sphero™. Visit dev site for more information:
Commoncrawl Crawler
The Common Crawl Crawler Engine and Related MapReduce code (2008-2012)
✭ 201
Unity has archived the TerrainToolSamples repository. For future development, please use the Terrain Tools package.
Sketch Toolbox
DEPRECATED: A plugin manager for
Serving system for batch generated data sets
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Sphero Android Sdk
🚫 DEPRECATED REPO: Sphero™ is the amazing robotic ball ( ), this is the repository for the Android SDK for Sphero™. Visit dev site for more information:
PinLater is a Thrift service to manage scheduling and execution of asynchronous jobs.
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Benchmark Php
🚀 A benchmark script for PHP and MySQL (Archived)
Go Web3
Ethereum Go Client [obsolete]
Python Firebase
⛔️ [DEPRECATED] python wrapper for Firebase's REST API
Codeigniter Base Controller
⛔️DEPRECATED CodeIgniter base controller with view autoloading and layout support
Closure Linter
Automatically exported from
DEPRECATED Secrets management for dynamic environments
⛔️DEPRECATED Brilliantly clever PHP calendar class
Codeigniter Schema
⛔️DEPRECATED Expressive table definitions
DEPRECATED – Front-end shortcuts for clients logged into Craft CMS.
Siteleaf V1 Themes
Siteleaf v1 theme documentation
Sphero Mac Sdk
🚫 DEPRECATED: Sphero SDK for the Mac platform.
Commoncrawl Examples
A library of examples showing how to use the Common Crawl corpus (2008-2012, ARC format)
Use feedr to fetch the data from a remote url, respect its caching, and parse its data. Despite its name, it's not just for feed data but also for all data that you can feed into it (including binary data).
Graphql Modules
⚠️ [DEPRECATED] GraphQL module library for Apollo.
Codeigniter Base Model
⛔️DEPRECATED CodeIgniter base CRUD model to remove repetition and increase productivity
DEPRECATED development has moved to
*Archived* A cozy new home for the former SpreadFirefox affiliates program.
Ipfs Textbook
[unmaintained] Helping me understand what IPFS is and how it works
⛔️ DEPRECATED - Dependency-free notification library that makes it easy to create alert - success - error - warning - information - confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog.
Materialdrawer Xamarin
DEPRECATED!!! Xamarin bindings for
React Native Typescript Boilerplate
The default React Native empty project converted to use TypeScript.
Free, open-source, online appointments platform based on Laravel PHP Framework.
Mern Starter
⛔️ DEPRECATED - Boilerplate for getting started with MERN stack
Ui Fabric Ios
DEPRECATED Please use the new repo
Docker Cleanup
DEPRECATED Automatic Docker image, container and volume cleanup
Mern Cli
⛔️ DEPRECATED - A cli tool for getting started with MERN
[Deprecated] · UIWindow subclass to enable behavior like adaptive round-corners & detecting when Control Center is opened.
DEPRECATED: Pure Python API for Maxmind's binary GeoIP databases
Common Crawl support library to access 2008-2012 crawl archives (ARC files)
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⛔️ Laravel Tinx is archived and no longer maintained.
Code Gov Web
DEPRECATED 🛑- Federal Source Code policy implementation.
[DEPRECATED] This is the legacy version of Piranha CMS for .NET 4.5, MVC 5.2 & WebPages 3.2.
🚫 DEPRECATED: The Sphero JavaScript SDK to control Sphero robots.
Query Engine
Even though this is an amazing piece of technology, and can be used independently, it requires a conversion to TypeScript and proper documetnation and tutorials, which we do not have time for.
*Deprecated* - A collection of productive prefabs for rapidly building spatial computing solutions in the Unity software.
vcmi old mirror
[HISTORICAL] Old git mirror on VCMI subversion
A template for creating an Audio Unit in XCode 4.2.1
Liquid is a framework to speed up the development of microservices
DEPRECATED: This project has been replaced by documentation within Confluence regarding best practices for setting up a new Drupal 9 project.
Sponsor this project to keep it maintained, or use Deno instead.
DEPRECATED Build, manage and deploy H2O's high-speed machine learning models.
[Deprecated] · Approachable implementation of iOS AirPlay-Mirroring using Swift.
Component-scope state management for Relay modern & React.
⛔️ DEPRECATED iOS companion app for OpenStreetMap that allows contributors to complete missing information
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