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Simple Git Hooks
A simple git hooks manager for small projects
Run `yarn install`, `npm install` or `pnpm install` on git hooks automatically
Git Clone Init
Automatic setup of user identity ( / on git clone
Git Good Commit
Git hook to help you write good commit messages, with no external dependencies.
Wp Enforcer
Git hooks to encourage well-written WordPress.
Git Guppy
Simple git-hook integration for your gulp workflows.
SlimJim is a simple auto update script utilizing Slim (a PHP micro-framework), incron (inotify cron system), and GitHub/BitBucket post-receive-hook
Php Backslasher
[Git hook] Tool to add all PHP internal functions and constants to its namespace by adding backslash to them.
By hooking into the pre-push hook provided by Git, Talisman validates the outgoing changeset for things that look suspicious - such as authorization tokens and private keys.
Smart Commit
Commit with current branch name.
Gitmoji Commit Hook
Start the commit message with an applicable emoji
️⚡️ Supercharged git hooks manager in pure Elixir
Simple git hooks
Whitespace Total Fixer
Git Hooks
github_email_verify: Avoid committing to github with your corporate email
Pivotal Flow
Automate your pivotal workflow
Composer Git Hooks
Easily manage git hooks in your composer config
Pre Commit Terraform
pre-commit git hooks to take care of Terraform configurations
App Githooks
Plugin-based system to run specific actions and checks when git hooks are triggered.
Very flexible git hook manager for php developers
Fit Commit
A Git hook to validate your commit messages based on community standards.
Git Hooks for Swift projects 🐩
Awesome Git Hooks
😎 A collection of awesome Git Hooks
Git Confirm
❓ Git hook to catch placeholders and temporary changes (TODO / @ignore) before you commit them.
Submitting bugs and feature requests
Static Review
✋ An extendible framework for version control hooks.
Git hook to ensure semantic commit messages.
A tool for organizing git hooks into directories of modular files.
Git Conventional Commits Util to generate Semantic Version and Markdown Change Log and Validate Commit Messag
Simple hook management for Git
elixir git hooks
🪝 Add git hooks to Elixir projects
Enforces conventional git commit messages for git repositories
Git hooks for the local repository of the PHP project
A developer-friendly secrets detection tool for CI and pre-commit hooks based on Yelp's detect-secrets
An experiment in tracking and diffing versions of modern Microsoft Office files in Git.
Run a command if a file changes via Git hooks
Pre-commit git hooks for Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Rego development
✅ define git hooks as scripts in your package.json
Automatically check your python code on every commit. 🔍 ✔️
A pre-commit hook to check your Python dependencies against safety-db
Git hooks made easy with Husky.Net internal task runner! 🐶 It brings the dev-dependency concept to the .NET world!
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