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Mercury is a hacking tool used to collect information and use the information to further hurt the target
Clone Deep
Recursively (deep) clone JavaScript native types, like Object, Array, RegExp, Date as well as primitives. Used by superstruct, merge-deep, and many others!
Danser Go
Dancing visualizer of osu! maps and custom osu! client written in Go.
Python Benedict
dict subclass with keylist/keypath support, I/O shortcuts (base64, csv, json, pickle, plist, query-string, toml, xml, yaml) and many utilities. 📘
React Discord Clone
Discord Clone using React, Node, Express, Socket-IO and Mysql
A professional deep clone library
Clones Linux hard drives incrementally or to a smaller drive
Gitlabber - clones or pulls entire groups tree from gitlab
Design Pattern that described by Python, This is the source code for the book of Everybody Know Design Patterns.
Discord Backup
📦 Complete framework to facilitate server backup using discord.js v12
Mrboom Libretro
Mr.Boom is an 8 player Bomberman clone for RetroArch/Libretro
libGDX game based on the original 1010!
Tiktok Clone
Clone of the TikTok app layout with React Native
A clone for Apple's Voice Memos app.
Git Clone Init
Automatic setup of user identity ( / on git clone
Discord Guild Copy
A script to copy a discord guild/server
🧬 An uncomplicated user interface library for building data-driven semantic templates
Rails Hackernews Reddit Producthunt Clone
hacker news / reddit / social link-sharing website. Built with Rails.
All in 1 Pakisthani Facebook Cloner [ 7/8/9/10/11 DIGIT ]
mclone - 麻麻再也不用担心拉取GitHub代码慢了
An open source re-implementation of Caesar III
✭ 1,353
React Native Shared Element
Native shared element transition "primitives" for react-native 💫
When clone from, build mirror cache to improve clone speed
BT-based Disk Deployment tool
Opsu Dance
fork of opsu! (which is an osu! clone) with extra stuff
Building a WhatsApp Clone in Flutter.
Learn Objective C In 24 Days Clone
This project was created with the intention of preservation
An open-source Tomb Raider 1-5 engine remake
Github Clone All
Clone (~1000) repos matched to query on GitHub using Search API
Clash Royale Clone
A Unity clone of Supercell's Clash of Clans spin-off mobile game Clash Royale with possibly some twists.
Create deep copies (clones) of your objects
Expo Stack
🎮🧱 stack game clone made in expo (ios, android, web), three.js, react native
Medium Clone
🎉 Mediumm WordPress theme, very inspired by
Jetweet is a mini twitter clone with basic functionalities, Made using ASP.NET CORE and Entity framework technologies
Google Forms
Clone of google forms using React and Node JS.
Shallow Clone
Make a shallow clone of an object, array or primitive.
RRG / Iceman repo, the most totally wicked repo around if you are into Proxmark3
Snapchat Clone
👻 A SnapChat clone built with React, Redux and Typescript. Styled with SASS. Tested with Cypress, Jest and Enzyme. Linted with Eslint and formatted with Prettier!
Expo Crossy Road
🐥🚙 Crossy Road game clone made in Expo (iOS, Android, web), THREE.js, Tween, React Native. 🐔
Gmail clone
A Gmail Clone built with Flutter
Medium clone built with Ruby on Rails
Jira clone
A Jira clone built with Vuejs & Nodejs/Graphql
A redis clone in Python 3 to disprove some falsehoods about performance.
Clone Wars
100+ open-source clones of popular sites like Airbnb, Amazon, Instagram, Netflix, Tiktok, Spotify, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. See source code, demo links, tech stack, github stars.
Quickly clone an entire org/users repositories into one directory - Supports GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more
Diablo 2 reimplementation on unity
Mpc Qt
Media Player Classic Qute Theater
A re-implementation of Freelancer
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