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Awesome Ci
Awesome Continuous Integration - Lot's of tools for git, file and static source code analysis.
Avito Android
Infrastructure of Avito android
A very simple webhook server launching shell scripts.
InfraBox is a cloud native continuous integration system
Gg Shield Action
GitGuardian Shield GitHub Action - Find exposed credentials in your commits
Codeql Action
Actions for running CodeQL analysis
✭ 244
Android library helps take screenshots for publishing on Google Play Store.
Ansible Role Awx
Ansible Role - AWX
Flagsmith Api
Feature flagging and remote config service. Host yourself or use our hosted version at
Flake8 wrapper to make it nice, legacy-friendly, configurable.
Works On My Machine
Continuous integration done right.
Node-based automation server
Scripts for use on Codeship Basic
Ios Signer Service
✒ A self-hosted, cross-platform service to sign and install iOS apps, all without a computer
Jenkins Rest
Java client, built on top of jclouds, for working with Jenkins REST API
Cypress Terminal Report
Better terminal and file output for cypress test logs.
Dont Break
Checks if the current version of your package would break dependent projects
Run Lighthouse in CI, as a web service, using Docker. Pass/Fail GH pull requests.
Spin up a full fledged Kubernetes environment designed for local development & CI
Cargo Chef
A cargo-subcommand to speed up Rust Docker builds using Docker layer caching.
A simple CLI tool for vetting npm package versions
Poetry Calendar
✨🗓✨一个美炸天的诗词周历 , 52个周给你新的体验。
✊ Detect non-inclusive language in your source code.
Jest Canvas Mock
🌗 A module used to mock canvas in Jest.
🐆 EXPERIMENTAL -- Runs GitHub Actions workflows locally (local) -- Don't run your YAML like a 🐪
📊 Computation and processing of models' parameters
pypyr task-runner cli & api for automation pipelines. Automate anything by combining commands, different scripts in different languages & applications into one pipeline process.
Solo Ci
A lightweight CI/CD tool powered by Golang
Docker Test Openldap
Docker OpenLDAP Server for testing LDAP applications
Codecov Python
Python report uploader for Codecov
A terminal UI for Unix to monitor Continuous Integration pipelines from the command line. Current integrations include GitLab, Azure DevOps, Travis CI, AppVeyor and CircleCI.
Lint Action
✨ GitHub Action for detecting and auto-fixing lint errors
Github Actions Runner Operator
K8S operator for scheduling github actions runner pods
Action Docker Layer Caching
🐳 Enable Docker layer caching in GitHub Actions
Run your GitHub Actions locally 🚀
Actions Cli
Monitor your GitHub Actions in real time from the command line
Deploy, CI/CD, Xterm, APP monitor, Crontab Manager.
🚀 Kick-start your C++! A template for modern C++ projects using CMake, CI, code coverage, clang-format, reproducible dependency management and much more.
Alpine Make Vm Image
Make customized Alpine Linux disk image for virtual machines
Write better integration tests! Dockertest helps you boot up ephermal docker images for your Go tests with minimal work.
Setup Fabric Crashlytics CI friendly
Ci Detector
Detect continuous integration environment and get information of current build
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