Top 12 junit4 open source projects

Awesome Wanandroid
⚡致力于打造一款极致体验的 客户端,知识和美是可以并存的哦QAQn(*≧▽≦*)n
Testing support for OSGi. Includes JUnit 4 and JUnit 5 support and AssertJ support.
Provides a new Runner for JUnit 4 that combines the features of Suite and Parameterized
Automatic starting HiveMQ docker containers for JUnit4 and JUnit5 tests. This enables testing MQTT client applications and integration testing of custom HiveMQ extensions.
Integrate JBehave better with JUnit. Reports all Stories, Scenarios and Steps as JUnit Suites and Test Cases.
GuildWars2 APIViewer
Guild Wars 2 API Viewer: An Android application used for viewing various Guild Wars 2 API endpoint responses. Developed utilizing MVVM architecture, in conjunction with Databinding, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, and RxJava 2.
Sunshine allows you to manage suits of your automated tests directly from Java code.
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