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Android Mvvm Architecture
This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Dagger2, Room, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView
🌷 直播间送礼物拼图案动画控件
🏰 MVVMFrame for Android 是一个基于Google官方推出的Architecture Components dependencies(现在叫JetPack){ Lifecycle,LiveData,ViewModel,Room } 构建的快速开发框架。有了MVVMFrame的加持,从此构建一个MVVM模式的项目变得快捷简单。
🔎 A quick and easy in-app database viewer and manager library for your Room databases.
Multi-project Clean Architecture MVP app in Kotlin using Conductor, Room, RxJava 2, Dagger 2 with custom scopes
Android Kotlin Mvi Cleanarchitecture
Android + Kotlin + Modularization + Gradle Depedency managment + Gradle written in Kotlin DSL + Custom Gradle Plugin + MVVM + MVI + Clean Architecture + Repository Pattern + Coroutines + Flows + Koin + Retrofit2 + ROOM + Kotlin-Android-Extension + KtLints
The Movie Db Kotlin
The Movie DB app using Kotlin with updated Android features
Local Db Cache Retrofit Rest Api Mvvm
App that interacts with a REST API using Retrofit. There is a local db cache and architecture is MVVM
Readhub Android 客户端——官网 :
A sample Android gallery to search images posted on Reddit built using modern Android development tools (Architecture Components, MVVM, Coroutines, Flow, Navigation, Retrofit, Room, Koin)
An example Android app using Retrofit, Room, LiveData, RxJava2, Paging, Koin and the MVVM pattern with the databinding
🎈 一个直播间点赞桃心飘动效果的控件
Android MVVM + Dagger 2 (Hilt) + JetPack project template
🎥 Movie discovery app showcasing Android best practices with Google's recommended architecture: MVVM + Repository + Offline support + Android Architecture Components + Paging library & Retrofit2.
It simply loads Posts data from API and stores it in persistence storage (i.e. SQLite Database). Posts will be always loaded from local database. Remote data (from API) and Local data is always synchronized.
A helper library to help using Room with existing pre-populated database [DEPRECATED].
Coinverse Open App is the first audiocast app for cryptocurrency news. 🚀
Cocktails Android App with Clean Architecture, MVVM , Retrofit, Coroutines, Navigation Components , Room, Dagger Hilt, Cache Strategy and Coroutines Flow
Kotlin Mvvm Architecture
Android Architecture Design Patterns using Kotlin, MVVM, Dagger2, LiveData, Room, MediatorLiveData, NetworkBoundResources, Retrofit, AndroidX, ViewModels, Dependency Injection using Dagger2, Repository pattern.
App to display and monitor the targetSDK from installed apps.
Source code of the most popular Paleontological mobile app in the world! Programming sandbox.
Syntaxmeets. Create rooms 🏠 Call your friends 👬🏼 Sip Chai, ☕ Chat, Create, and Code👨‍💻. A coding platform to code simultaneously 🚀 with your friends and design your algorithms on SyntaxPad.💫✨
Android Mvvm Coroutine
Kotlin android application example with MVVM pattern, android architecture, kotlin coroutine, unit test, and UI test
Astray is a lua based maze, room and dungeon generation library for dungeon crawlers and rougelike video games
Clean Architecture Components Boilerplate
A fork of our clean architecture boilerplate, this time using the Android Architecture Components
Boilerplates for Android Components Architecture with Rx, Dagger & Realm written in Kotlin
Monitor and modify network requests
Its a playground application focusing on Paging3, MVVM architecture, Kotlin Extension functions, Retrofit, DSL, Navigation component, MotionLayout, SharedElementTransition, Single Activity Architecture, DataStore etc.
Kotlin Pokedex
🌀 A Pokedex app using ViewModel, LiveData, Room and Navigation
EasyChat是一个开源的社交类的App。主要包含消息、好友、群组等相关的IM核心功能。部分界面参照了QQ、微信等相关社交APP。EasyChat APP整体采用MVVM模式,基于JetPack(Lifecycle,LiveData,ViewModel,Room)构建
OpenVidu Platform main repository
Android tmdb clean architecture
Showcase of clean architecture concepts along with Continuous Integration and Development for modular Android applications. Includes test suits (functional and unit tests) along with code coverage.
Pinboard Kotlin
Unofficial Pinboard android app, developed as a playground to study many topics related to Android. Kotlin + Coroutines + MVVM
Sample application with MVVM pattern using RxJava and Architecture Components
Prefiller is a Gradle plugin that generates pre-filled Room databases at compile time.
Posts Mvvm Daggerhilt Dynamic Feature Rxjava3 Flow Sample
Posts Api sample with Kotlin RxJava3/Coroutines Flow, Clean Architecture, Offline first/last with Room + Retrofit2, Dagger Hilt, Dynamic Feature Modules, Static Code Analysis, Gradle DSL, MockK+ MockWebServer with Test Driven Development including Api and Database tests
Android Clean Architecture Example
Yet another Android clean architecture example using RxJava and Room.
Android example to show how to use Room to access SQLite database on device for reading and writing data. This example also shows how to use LiveData and ViewModel with Room to build reactive, well performing and easy to maintain applications.
一个完整基于kotlin的安卓开发框架,采用了mvvm设计模式。涵盖了: 1、基于retrofit2封装的通过kotlin协程实现的网络框架 2、基于阿里开源router修改的api-router实现项目模块化 3、基于glide的图片加载缓存框架 4、基于room实现的往来数据缓存加载 5、基于step实现的数据异步提交 6、基于PreferenceHolder实现的本地数据快速存储 7、基于mlist实现的简单复杂列表的快速开发扩展 8、定制的toolbar可以自适应异形屏,挖孔屏,水滴屏等等。。 本框架几乎涵盖了开发所需的所有模块组件。简单fork之后就可以基于框架快速开发。
Recommended architecture by Android
神奇宝贝 (PokemonGo) 基于 Jetpack + MVVM + Repository 设计模式 + Data Mapper + Kotlin Flow 的实战项目,如果这个仓库对你有帮助,请仓库右上角帮我 star 一下,非常感谢。
Android app that shows weather at your current location or any custom location you specify. Uses Kotlin Flow for data streaming and coroutines for asynchronous work. Also leverages Room, navigation component, Viewmodel and Livedata Jetpack components with MVVM presentation layer architecture. Dagger 2 with Dagger android for dependency injection
Base Mvvm
App built to showcase basic Android View components like ViewPager, RecyclerView(homogeneous and heterogeneous items), NavigationDrawer, Animated Vector Drawables, Collapsing Toolbar Layout etc. housed in a MVVM architecture
❤️ A sample Marvel heroes application based on MVVM (ViewModel, Coroutines, LiveData, Room, Repository, Koin) architecture.
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