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☘☘Relax 基于Kotlin语言编写的一套组件化框架,不紧整体组件化、内部也高度组件化🎋你可配置MVP、MVVM的开发模式、也可以配置所需要的业务组件🍁🍁
Books jetpack
A sample application to demonstrate how to use Jetpack Architecture Components in an Android Application following the Clean Architecture concepts.
Jetpack Mvvm Scaffold
人生苦短,让脚手架为你节省时间。(目前作为《最佳实践》项目的 Dev 版来优先更新)
Expenso Ios
A Simple Expense Tracker App built to demonstrate the use of SwiftUI, CoreData, Charts, Biometrics (Face & Touch ID) and MVVM Architecture.
Baking App Kotlin
Android architecture sample with dynamic feature modularisation, clean architecture with MVI (Uni-directional data flow), dagger hilt, DFM Navigation, kotlin coroutines with StateFlow and Exo player.
Android Mvvm Architecture
This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Dagger2, Room, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView
🥊 Technical Knockout – The Monorepo for Knockout.js (4.0+)
Cross-platform .NET sample GUI app for cloud file management. Built with ReactiveUI, AvaloniaUI, Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin Forms, and WPF, runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.
Sample App with Jetpack components(LiveData, Navigation, ViewModel) + MVVM + coroutine + single activity
Implement the solutions of performance improvement and componentization for your SPA (single page application) products with this Progressive Web App Development Engine.
Movies Usf Android
Movie searching using a Unidirectional State Flow pattern for Android
Edi - The open source text editor IDE based on AvalonDock and AvalonEdit
🏰 MVVMFrame for Android 是一个基于Google官方推出的Architecture Components dependencies(现在叫JetPack){ Lifecycle,LiveData,ViewModel,Room } 构建的快速开发框架。有了MVVMFrame的加持,从此构建一个MVVM模式的项目变得快捷简单。
Xamarin Demos
This repository contains the Syncfusion Xamarin UI control’s samples and the guide to use them.
Antimine Android
Antimine is an open source minesweeper-like puzzle game.
Awesome Jetpack Compose Android Apps
👓 A curated list of awesome Jetpack Compose android apps by open-source contributors.
Android Mvvm Architecture
Sample MVVM project uses instagram API
Web Dev Tools Android
Sample Android Application - MVVM, Clean Architecture, Modularization, Repository Pattern
Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI based Kotlin Multiplatform project (using CityBikes API
Nice Lua
基于xlua的MVVM框架,支持Addressables, 统一渲染管线等Unity新特性
A mvvm oriented library for Qt, to create Projects for Widgets and Quick in parallel
Movie Android App written in Kotlin, MVVM, RxJava, Android Architecture Components.
A small, yet powerful framework, designed for building applications across all XAML platforms. Its strong support for MV* patterns will enable you to build your solution quickly, without the need to sacrifice code quality or testability.
Delight is an open source component-oriented framework for Unity.
追书神器Swift版客户端(非官方)。 不断更新中......
Anko Core
基于Kotlin+Anko+协程+Retrofit2的demo,完全采用anko DSL布局,也可以作为Android快速开发框架,大量常用工具类,扩展函数
An Android Template with MVVM and Clean Architecture
Learn Vue2 Mvvm
快速了解 Vue2 MVVM
Mvvm Android
Build MVVM APP With Kotlin,完整示例见PaoNet
Swift5 + MVVM + 文艺复兴微博(纯代码 + 纯Swift),可作为第一个上手的Swift项目.
A declarative-ui framework for UICollectionView with great and useful features.
Android Firebase Kotlin Java Mvp Mvc Mvvm Chat
Simple chat Application with one to one connectivity using Firebase Real time Database written in MVC,MVP and MVVM architecture to better understand the android coding patterns. Purpose of writing same application functionality with 3 different pattern is to show how single application can be developed using 3 different patterns(Mvc, Mvp, Mvvm).
Mvvm Architecture Android Beginners
This repository contains a sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Kotlin, ViewModel, LiveData, and etc.
RGListKit is a Protocol & MVVM based framework to easily populate a UITableView or UICollectionView via single api.
Reactive implementation of Presentation Model pattern in Android
The Movie Db Kotlin
The Movie DB app using Kotlin with updated Android features
Droid Feed
Aggregated Android news, articles, podcasts and conferences about Android Development
Kotlin Mvvm
Sample for MVVM using Kotlin
WPF-MVVM instant messaging application using SignalR
MVVM example app. Quick blog post detailing the layers:
Local Db Cache Retrofit Rest Api Mvvm
App that interacts with a REST API using Retrofit. There is a local db cache and architecture is MVVM
Ugui Mvvm
Unity3D uGUI mvvm databinding via the standard IXChanged interfaces used in wpf (INotifyPropertyChanged, INotifyCollectionChanged, etc)
ReMVVM is an application architecture concept, marriage of Unidirectional Data Flow (Redux) with MVVM.
Coroutines Flows Modularised
Clean Architecture Modular Project: MVVM + Coroutines+ Flows + Dagger2 + LiveData + UnitTests + UITests + MockWebServer
🐘 mobx model layer paradigm
Clean Architecture Swiftui
SwiftUI sample app using Clean Architecture. Examples of working with CoreData persistence, networking, dependency injection, unit testing, and more.
Movies app written in Swift 5 using the TMDb API and demonstrating Clean Architecture, Dependency Injection, MVVM and Coordinators.
A sample Android gallery to search images posted on Reddit built using modern Android development tools (Architecture Components, MVVM, Coroutines, Flow, Navigation, Retrofit, Room, Koin)
An example Android app using Retrofit, Room, LiveData, RxJava2, Paging, Koin and the MVVM pattern with the databinding
MVVM 框架,采用 Kotlin+Jetpack,可自由配置功能,欢迎 star,fork,issue
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