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As easy as /aitch-tee-tee-pie/ 🥧 Modern, user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. JSON support, colors, sessions, downloads, plugins & more.
Http Fake Backend
Build a fake backend by providing the content of JSON files or JavaScript objects through configurable routes.
Quora Api
An unofficial API for Quora.
Jcabi Github
Object Oriented Wrapper of Github API
Turn Google Spreadsheet to JSON endpoint (for Android and JVM) for FREE (100%)
Tweetme 2
Build a twitter-like app in Django, Bootstrap, Javascript, & React.js. Step-by-Step.
This repository contains the source code for the database schema for the PostBooks edition of xTuple ERP and xTuple's REST API server. The REST API server is written in JavaScript running on Node.js. The database schema for PostBooks runs on a PostgreSQL database server.
Generator Api
🚀 Yeoman generator for creating RESTful NodeJS APIs, using ES6, Mongoose and Express
👅 CleverGo is a lightweight, feature rich and high performance HTTP router for Go.
PostgreSQL ➕ REST, low-code, simplify and accelerate development, ⚡ instant, realtime, high-performance on any Postgres application, existing or new
This Bundle provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API's with Symfony
Plezi - the Ruby framework for realtime web-apps, websockets and RESTful HTTP
Wp Rest Api Cache
Enable caching for WordPress REST API and increase speed of your application
Effortless Microservice Design and Integration. This repository includes the code-base for the Warewolf Studio and Server.
Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.
Bmw Yolov4 Inference Api Gpu
This is a repository for an nocode object detection inference API using the Yolov3 and Yolov4 Darknet framework.
Raspberry Pi (arm) wifi configuration container. Configure and control wifi connectivity with a JSON based REST api.
Json Schema Tools
Packages for working with JSON Schema and JSON Hyper-Schema
Arcgis Rest Js
compact, modular JavaScript wrappers for the ArcGIS REST API
Rest Api
Learn how to build your own REST API with Python, Django, and the Django Rest Framework.
Spacy Services
💫 REST microservices for various spaCy-related tasks
Play Scala Rest Api Example
Example Play Scala application showing REST API
Node Mock Server
File based Node REST API mock server
Quran Api
Simple Quran API with Indonesia Tafsir and media audio (murrotal) Syekh. Mishary Rashid Alafasy
A tiny JSON storage service. Create, Read, Update, Delete and Search JSON data.
🍬 The REST Web Service framework for ColdFusion and Lucee
Graphql Rest Proxy
Turn your REST API into GraphQL - A Proxy Server that pipes request from GraphQL to REST with GraphQL DSL, performant nested children, mutations, input types, and more.
Symfony Flex Backend
Symfony Flex REST API template project
Create your .Net Core/Angular/Database CRUD Web apps by simply clicking a button
Modern Apis With Fastapi
Course demos and handouts for our Modern APIs with FastAPI course.
Spring Boot Postgresql Jpa Hibernate Rest Api Demo
Building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, JPA and Hibernate
R web API framework for building high-performance microservices and app backends
Openapi Directory
🌐 Wikipedia for Web APIs. Directory of REST API definitions in OpenAPI 2.0/3.x format
🦕 Deno REST framework/eco-system
A Swift API framework for ZhiHu's Daily News.
Marshmallow Jsonapi
JSON API 1.0 ( formatting with marshmallow
Backend code for my blogs, develop with Django Rest framework.
Jenkins Rest
Java client, built on top of jclouds, for working with Jenkins REST API
Dialetus Service
API to Informal dictionary for the idiomatic expressions that each Brazilian region It has
Arduino web server library.
Ngx Resource
Resource (REST) Client for Angular 2
Co Cart
🛒 CoCart is a flexible, open-source solution to enabling the shopping cart via the REST API for WooCommerce.
Django Rest Marshmallow
Marshmallow schemas for Django REST framework
Angular Symfony
Project Bootstrap for an Angular + Symfony project
Event Driven Spring Boot
Example Application to demo various flavours of handling domain events in Spring Boot
Swagger Js
Javascript library to connect to swagger-enabled APIs via browser or nodejs
python package for REST API (AGS, AGOL, webmap JSON, etc..)
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