Top 30 serving open source projects

An open source framework that provides a simple, universal API for building distributed applications. Ray is packaged with RLlib, a scalable reinforcement learning library, and Tune, a scalable hyperparameter tuning library.
Seldon Core
An MLOps framework to package, deploy, monitor and manage thousands of production machine learning models
Keras Serving
bring keras-models to production with tensorflow-serving and nodejs + docker 🍕
Bodywork Core
Deploy machine learning projects developed in Python, to Kubernetes. Accelerated MLOps 🚀
Ml Model Ci
MLModelCI is a complete MLOps platform for managing, converting, profiling, and deploying MLaaS (Machine Learning-as-a-Service), bridging the gap between current ML training and serving systems.
Deploy DL/ ML inference pipelines with minimal extra code.
Meme Glossary
Meme serving with NLP
Simple tensorflow serving
Generic and easy-to-use serving service for machine learning models
A flexible, high-performance serving system for machine learning models
Model server
A scalable inference server for models optimized with OpenVINO™
A flexible, high-performance carrier for machine learning models(『飞桨』服务化部署框架)
Exposes a serialized machine learning model through a HTTP API.
This repository provides AI/ML service(MachineLearning model serving) modernization solution using Amazon SageMaker, AWS CDK, and AWS Serverless services.
Reasonable API for serving TensorFlow models using Scala
This code is used to build & run a Docker container for performing predictions against a Spark ML Pipeline.
TensorFlow Serving ARM - A project for cross-compiling TensorFlow Serving targeting popular ARM cores
Serve your fastText models for text classification and word vectors
[Machine Learning Engineer Basic Guide] 부스트캠프 AI Tech - Product Serving 자료
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