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📖 A Golang library for text processing, including tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, and named-entity extraction.
Toxic Comment Classification Challenge
Simple Effective Text Matching
Source code of the ACL2019 paper "Simple and Effective Text Matching with Richer Alignment Features".
Speech recognition with tensorflow
Implementation of a seq2seq model for Speech Recognition using the latest version of TensorFlow. Architecture similar to Listen, Attend and Spell.
Code for training and evaluation of the model from "Language Generation with Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks without Pre-training"
Data loaders and abstractions for text and NLP
Deep learning with text doesn't have to be scary.
Toolkit to help understand "what lies" in word embeddings. Also benchmarking!
Low Resource Languages
Resources for conservation, development, and documentation of low resource (human) languages.
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Pytorch Batch Attention Seq2seq
PyTorch implementation of batched bi-RNN encoder and attention-decoder.
Ask coding questions directly from the terminal
Epidemic Sentence Pair
天池 疫情相似句对判定大赛 线上第一名方案
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Nlp Architect
A model library for exploring state-of-the-art deep learning topologies and techniques for optimizing Natural Language Processing neural networks
Tool for visualizing attention in the Transformer model (BERT, GPT-2, Albert, XLNet, RoBERTa, CTRL, etc.)
News Emotion
📉 金融文本情感分析模型
Transforms PDF, Documents and Images into Enriched Structured Data
Text Classification
Machine Learning and NLP: Text Classification using python, scikit-learn and NLTK
AraVec is a pre-trained distributed word representation (word embedding) open source project which aims to provide the Arabic NLP research community with free to use and powerful word embedding models.
Long Range Arena
Long Range Arena for Benchmarking Efficient Transformers
Spanish Word Embeddings
Spanish word embeddings computed with different methods and from different corpora
Pytorch Bert Crf Ner
KoBERT와 CRF로 만든 한국어 개체명인식기 (BERT+CRF based Named Entity Recognition model for Korean)
Dmn Tensorflow
Dynamic Memory Networks ( in Tensorflow
Chinese text cnn
TextCNN Pytorch实现 中文文本分类 情感分析
Qa match
A simple effective ToolKit for short text matching
Gpt2 Newstitle
Chinese NewsTitle Generation Project by GPT2.带有超级详细注释的中文GPT2新闻标题生成项目。
Easy to use NLP library built on PyTorch and TorchText
Nlp Data Augmentation
Data Augmentation for NLP. NLP数据增强
Fancy Nlp
NLP for human. A fast and easy-to-use natural language processing (NLP) toolkit, satisfying your imagination about NLP.
Holmes Extractor
Information extraction from English and German texts based on predicate logic
Weibo Analysis And Visualization
Text Cnn Tensorflow
Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification(TextCNN) implements by TensorFlow
Spacy Services
💫 REST microservices for various spaCy-related tasks
Nlp made easy
Explains nlp building blocks in a simple manner.
Applying Data Science and Machine Learning to Solve Real World Business Problems
Yet another Python binding for fastText
Question Generation
Generating multiple choice questions from text using Machine Learning.
🚀 Catalyst is a C# Natural Language Processing library built for speed. Inspired by spaCy's design, it brings pre-trained models, out-of-the box support for training word and document embeddings, and flexible entity recognition models.
Text summarization with tensorflow
Implementation of a seq2seq model for summarization of textual data. Demonstrated on amazon reviews, github issues and news articles.
整理一些书籍 ,包含 C&C++ 、git 、Java、Keras 、Linux 、NLP 、Python 、Scala 、TensorFlow 、大数据 、推荐系统、数据库、数据挖掘 、机器学习 、深度学习 、算法等。
Nlp Tools
This repository is the collection of research papers in Deep learning, computer vision and NLP.
NLP Core Library and Model Zoo based on PaddlePaddle 2.0
Sohu competition
Sohu's 2018 content recognition competition 1st solution(搜狐内容识别大赛第一名解决方案)
Bert Attributeextraction
USING BERT FOR Attribute Extraction in KnowledgeGraph. fine-tuning and feature extraction. 使用基于bert的微调和特征提取方法来进行知识图谱百度百科人物词条属性抽取。
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