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Node Google Play
Get details and download apps from by emulating an Android (Nexus 5X) device by default. For a rust version of this library check out
Kaop Ts
Simple Yet Powerful Library of ES2016 Decorators with Strongly typed method Interceptors like BeforeMethod, AfterMethod, OnException, etc
Download Spotify songs to mp3 with full metadata and cover art!
Extend python lists with .NET's LINQ syntax for clean and fast coding. Also known as PINQ.
Search across and get full text for OA & closed journals
Minimal metadata schemas for science software and code, in JSON-LD
Private messaging system that hides metadata
A Salesforce DX Plugin with multiple functionalities aimed at improving development and operational workflows
Node + Electron + Vue based metadata web framework (inspired by Frappe)
Structured Filter
jQuery UI widget for structured queries like "Contacts where Firstname starts with A and Birthday before 1/1/2000 and State in (CA, NY, FL)"...
Generate Data-URI scheme via terminal or node.js
Geoportal Server
Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services.
Concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format
Scraper for oEmbed, Twitter Cards and Open Graph metadata - fast and Promise-based ⚡️
Seo Manager
Seo Manager Package for Laravel ( with Localization )
Fully managed, portable and easy-to-use C# library to read and edit audio data and metadata (tags) from various audio formats, playlists and CUE sheets
Bag Database
A server that catalogs bag files and provides a web-based UI for accessing them.
Youtube Agent.bundle
Plex Metadata Agent for Movies and TV Series libraries
Graphql S2s
Add GraphQL Schema support for type inheritance, generic typing, metadata decoration. Transpile the enriched GraphQL string schema into the standard string schema understood by graphql.js and the Apollo server client.
Yarle - The ultimate converter of Evernote notes to Markdown
Pymeta will search the web for files on a domain to download and extract metadata. This technique can be used to identify: domains, usernames, software/version numbers and naming conventions.
Reflect Metadata
Prototype for a Metadata Reflection API for ECMAScript
DynamicsWebApi is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as Common Data Service) Web API helper library for JavaScript
Library for building offline-first browser-based applications :: платформа автономных веб-приложений
An annotation processor library to automatically generate the data transfer objects (DTO).
Amundsen is a metadata driven application for improving the productivity of data analysts, data scientists and engineers when interacting with data.
Metadata Extractor
Extracts Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other metadata from image, video and audio files
Codestar Framework
A Simple and Lightweight WordPress Option Framework for Themes and Plugins
pycsw is an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python. pycsw fully implements the OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation Specification [Catalogue Service for the Web]. Initial development started in 2010 (more formally announced in 2011). The project is certified OGC Compliant, and is an OGC Reference Implementation. pycsw allows for the publishing and discovery of geospatial metadata via numerous APIs (CSW 2/CSW 3, OpenSearch, OAI-PMH, SRU). Existing repositories of geospatial metadata can also be exposed, providing a standards-based metadata and catalogue component of spatial data infrastructures. pycsw is Open Source, released under an MIT license, and runs on all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). Please read the docs at for more information.
☁️ Downloads videos and metadata with youtube-dl and moves each file on completion to an rclone remote
🌶 Create lightweight descriptions of your datasets
R client for various CrossRef APIs
Wizard for documenting ontologies. WIDOCO is a step by step generator of HTML templates with the documentation of your ontology. It uses the LODE environment to create part of the template.
Ansible Playbook Bundle
Lightweight (3K) ES Module implementation of reflect-metadata
Unified, simple data access python library for data & facts about C. elegans anatomy
A library for parsing and creation of GPX location files. Purely Swift.
Laravel Meta
Metadata for Eloquent model
Store and restore metadata from a filesystem.
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python app/framework for 'all things ISBN' including metadata, descriptions, covers...
Diskover Web
Web file manager, disk space usage, storage search engine and file system analytics for diskover
The Signal Metadata Format Specification
Itunes store transporter
Upload and manage your assets in the iTunes Store using the iTunes Store’s Transporter (iTMSTransporter).
Shadow Rs
A build-time information stored in your rust project.(binary,lib,cdylib,dylib)
An annotation processor for breadcrumbing metadata across compilation boundaries.
Python audio tagging library
A simple app to get songs from YouTube in mp3 format with artist name, album name etc from sources like iTunes, Spotify, LastFM, Deezer, Gaana etc.
Cook rmarkdown codebooks from metadata on R data frames
Music Metadata Browser
Browser version of music-metadata parser Supporting a wide range of audio and tag formats.
Opc Ua Ooi
Object Oriented Internet - C# deliverables supporting a new Machine To Machine (M2M) communication architecture
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