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Free and Open, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine
Train a Word2Vec model or LSA model, and Implement Conceptual Search\Semantic Search in Solr\Lucene - Simon Hughes, Dice Tech Jobs
Algoliasearch Laravel
[Deprecated] We now recommend using Laravel Scout, see =>
Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database.
Search engine for address. Only address.
Drop in solution for Decentralized Neural Information Retrieval. Index latent vectors along with JSON metadata and do efficient k-NN search.
Autonomous (self-hosted) BitTorrent DHT search engine suite.
Search Engine Parser
Lightweight package to query popular search engines and scrape for result titles, links and descriptions
RESTful search server written in Python, powered by SQLite.
Acts as indexed
Acts As Indexed is a plugin which provides a pain-free way to add fulltext search to your Ruby on Rails app
Alfanous is an Arabic search engine API provides the simple and advanced search in Quran , more features and many interfaces...
A .NET indexing and search engine powered by Lucene.Net
Search Engine Rank
A Python module to scrape several search engines (like Google, Yandex, Bing, Duckduckgo, ...). Including asynchronous networking support.
Image Dataset Tool (idt) is a cli tool designed to make the otherwise repetitive and slow task of creating image datasets into a fast and intuitive process.
Image To Image Search
A reverse image search engine powered by elastic search and tensorflow
Vector AI — A platform for building vector based applications. Encode, query and analyse data using vectors.
Find in AST - Search and refactor code directly in Abstract Syntax Tree as you do with grep for strings
Lolcate Rs
Lolcate -- A comically fast way of indexing and querying your filesystem. Replaces locate / mlocate / updatedb. Written in Rust.
GMDB is the ultra-simple, cross-platform Movie Library with Features (Search, Take Note, Watch Later, Like, Import, Learn, Instantly Torrent Magnet Watch)
IPFS Storage service with search capability
Principle Of Web Search
Full text, faceted, (almost) dependency free search engine in javascript
Image search engine
Image search engine
Lightweight Elasticsearch compatible search server.
Covid Papers Browser
Browse Covid-19 & SARS-CoV-2 Scientific Papers with Transformers 🦠 📖
A Python implementation of the BM25 ranking function.
Sf1r Lite
Search Formula-1——A distributed high performance massive data engine for enterprise/vertical search
Tis Solr
an enterprise search engine base on Apache Solr
跨平台/多语言的 相似向量/相似词/相似句 高性能检索引擎。功能强大,使用方便。欢迎star & fork。Build together! Power another !
Awesome Deep Learning Papers For Search Recommendation Advertising
Awesome Deep Learning papers for industrial Search, Recommendation and Advertising. They focus on Embedding, Matching, Ranking (CTR prediction, CVR prediction), Post Ranking, Transfer, Reinforcement Learning, Self-supervised Learning and so on.
An Open Source Search Engine
Search Engine Google
🕷 Google client for SERPS
A search engine which can hold 100 trillion lines of log data.
🎁 3,000,000+ Unsplash images made available for research and machine learning
Cosmos Search
🌱 The next generation unbiased real-time privacy and user focused code search engine for everyone; Join us at
🦔 Fast, lightweight & schema-less search backend. An alternative to Elasticsearch that runs on a few MBs of RAM.
Rated Ranking Evaluator
Search Quality Evaluation Tool for Apache Solr & Elasticsearch search-based infrastructures
Collector Http
Norconex HTTP Collector is a flexible web crawler for collecting, parsing, and manipulating data from the Internet (or Intranet) to various data repositories such as search engines.
Instantsearch Android
A library of widgets and helpers to build instant-search applications on Android.
Swift Selection Search
Swift Selection Search (SSS) is a simple Firefox add-on that lets you quickly search for some text in a page using your favorite search engines.
search for any kinds of files to download
A very low memory-footprint, self hosted API-only torrent search engine. Sonarr + Radarr Compatible, native support for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Query preprocessor for Java-based search engines (Querqy Core and Solr implementation)
🔍 Haystack is an open source NLP framework that leverages Transformer models. It enables developers to implement production-ready neural search, question answering, semantic document search and summarization for a wide range of applications.
A standalone lightweight full-text search engine built on top of blevesearch and Go with multiple storage (scorch, boltdb, leveldb, badger)
Wikiman is an offline search engine for manual pages, Arch Wiki, Gentoo Wiki and other documentation.
Xinahn Client
Knowledge Management for Humans using Machine Learning & Tags
🔍 Tiny, full-text search engine for static websites built with Rust and Wasm
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