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A powerful and easy-to-use configuration management system.
Study Guides for DevOps Proffessionals
gRPC Mock Server
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Go Grpc Http Rest Microservice Tutorial
Source code for tutorial "How to develop Go gRPC microservice with HTTP/REST endpoint, middleware, Kubernetes deployment, etc."
Grpc Swagger
Debugging gRPC application with swagger-ui.
Grpc Load Balancer with Kubernetes resolver
Adlik: Toolkit for Accelerating Deep Learning Inference
GRPC for low-memory environments
Yivnet is a microservice game server base on go-kit
Tensorrt Laboratory
Explore the Capabilities of the TensorRT Platform
An open source natural interaction system based on offline wake-up, natural language understanding and sentiment analysis
Anycable Go
Anycable Go WebSocket Server
Generate CRUD gRPC backends from single YAML description.
Grpc Over Webrtc
gRPC over WebRTC
Mu Haskell
Mu (μ) is a purely functional framework for building micro services.
Proto-first minimal server platform for gRPС+REST+Swagger APIs
Core Grpc
C# Grpc驱动封装,基于Consul实现服务注册服务发现,支持dotnetcore / framework,可快速实现基于Grpc的微服务,内部有完整案例,包含服务端Server 客户端 Client,core+grpc, netcore+grpc, dotnetcore+grpc
Hello Auth Grpc
two grpc microservices with mutual TLS and token authentication in Go
Rules protobuf
Bazel rules for building protocol buffers and gRPC services (java, c++, go, ...)
Grpc Go
The Go language implementation of gRPC. HTTP/2 based RPC
Make bazel an out of box solution for C++/Java developers
Hivemq Mqtt Tensorflow Kafka Realtime Iot Machine Learning Training Inference
Real Time Big Data / IoT Machine Learning (Model Training and Inference) with HiveMQ (MQTT), TensorFlow IO and Apache Kafka - no additional data store like S3, HDFS or Spark required
Terraform Plugin Sdk
Terraform Plugin SDK enables building plugins (providers) to manage any service providers or custom in-house solutions
Yorkie is a document store for collaborative applications.
Istio Micro
istio 微服务示例代码 grpc+protobuf+echo+websocket+mysql+redis+kafka+docker-compose
Reactive (RSocket/gRPC) Gateway for the event-based systems
Grpc Kotlin
gRPC with Kotlin Coroutines
Go Chassis
a microservice framework for rapid development of micro services in Go with rich eco-system
Unified Realtime/API framework for .NET platform and Unity.
Rxjs Grpc
Typesafe gRPC with RxJS in TypeScript
🎯 A gRPC-Node Distributed Tracing and Monitoring Tool.
BuildBuddy is an open source Bazel build event viewer, result store, and remote cache.
Go Grpc Examples
This repo contains examples and implementations of different types of GRPC services and APIs using Golang.
Rules proto
Modern bazel build rules for protobuf / gRPC
Grpc Java Contrib
Useful extensions for the grpc-java library
File Transferer
Makeaplan public
Evans: more expressive universal gRPC client
A new way of working with Protocol Buffers.
ketchup (番茄酱) 是一个基于dotnet core的微服务框架。
Collect necessary .proto files (Protocol Buffers IDL) and manage dependencies
U Bmc
Open-source firmware for your baseboard management controller (BMC)
Flutter Grpc Tutorial
[Tutorial] Asynchronous Flutter chat client with Go chat server which are powered by gRPC (simple and streaming)
Micro Starter Kit
Cloud Native GoLang Microservices - gRPC, GraphQL
《Go 语言编程之旅:一起用 Go 做项目》本书涵盖细分为 5 + 1 板块,分别是命令行、HTTP、RPC、Websocket 应用、进程内缓存以及 Go 语言中的大杀器。
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Go Trader
financial exchange written in Go, designed for algorithmic trading tests
Tesla is a gateway service that provides dynamic routing,waf,support spring cloud,gRPC,DUBBO and more.
A VS Code extension that provides gRPC API endpoint testing.
A modular-designed and easy-to-use microservices framework in Go.
gin auto binding,grpc, and annotated route,gin 注解路由, grpc,自动参数绑定工具
A Persistent Geospatial Database with Geofencing & Google Maps Support
The Microservices Online Shop is an application with a modern software architecture that is cleanly designed and based on.NET lightweight technologies. The shop has two build variations. The first variant is the classic Microservices Architectural Style. The second one is with Dapr. Dapr has a comprehensive infrastructure for building highly decoupled Microservices; for this reason, I am using Dapr to achieve the noble goal of building a highly scalable application with clean architecture and clean code.
Grpc Streaming Demo
A quick demo of bi-directional streaming RPC's using grpc, go and python3
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