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Top 57 webtorrent open source projects

🌊 Stream peer-to-peer audio and video content
Magnet Uri
Parse a magnet URI and return an object of keys/values
Simple WebRTC Peer 2 Peer connections using WebTorrent trackers as the signalling server. Use WebTorrent trackers for any kind of WebRTC app ! 🔥 Make WebRTC apps fast & easy ! 🚀⭐
P2p Cdn
WebTorrent CDN with graceful degradation
🍭 Wow, such a lovely HTML5 danmaku video player
Node Bencode
bencode de/encoder for nodejs
Easiest group P2P File & Message transfer in browser with WebRTC 🔥. Cross-platform alternative to Apple's AirDrop, Xender, ShareIT with the same speed over LAN. No installation, just a website :)
The code that runs the WebTorrent website
The best free movie torrent streaming app.
Ut metadata
BitTorrent Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files (BEP 9)
⌚️ Bringing Popcorn Time to your browser using WebTorrent
An open-source self-hosted YouTube alternative. Subscribe to other users on other servers using ActivityPub. Reduced bandwidth costs for server owners via WebTorrent.
Bittorrent Tracker
🌊 Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation
P2P Dots & Boxes game with WebRTC & WebTorrent
Bittorrent Peerid
Map a BitTorrent peer ID to a human-readable client name and version
Simple nodejs package to download torrents using torrent-indexer and webtorrent, especially movie and series.
Bittorrent Dht
🕸 Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation
global hosting, financial automation, server-less web components
⚡ File sharing progressive web app built using WebTorrent and WebSockets
Webtorrent Remote
Run WebTorrent in one process, control it from another process or even another machine
"More users = More capacity"
P2p Media Loader
An open-source engine for P2P streaming of live and on demand video directly in a web browser HTML page
🦌 An application to stream, cast and download torrents.
Webtorrent Cli
WebTorrent, the streaming torrent client. For the command line.
Serving websites over bittorrent
🌐 Fully-featured WebTorrent Client
Magnet Player
🎥 A place for streaming torrents directly from your browser
Parse Torrent
Parse a torrent identifier (magnet uri, .torrent file, info hash)
Bittorrent Protocol
Simple, robust, BitTorrent peer wire protocol implementation
🚀 Streaming file transfer over WebTorrent (torrents on the web)
This is an example implementation of something that might become WebTorrent DHT
A rudimentary Electron application that utilises WebTorrent to stream and download a torrent simultaneously
DEPRECATED: Parse a .torrent file and return an object of keys/values
Adds a hook that allows mpv to stream torrents
💚 Get health info about a webtorrent file or magnet link
Web user interface for Webtorrent, based on the Transmission web UI
ut pex
Implementation of ut_pex bittorrent protocol (PEX) for webtorrent
Video Streaming site using Laravel and WebTorrent
🤝 Serverless WebRTC matchmaking for painless P2P — Make any site multiplayer in a few lines — Use BitTorrent, IPFS, or Firebase
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